Simbus new-found love


Simbu aka Silambarasan aka STR, who loves the tag of ‘young superstar’ prefixing his name, appears to have found a ‘new love’ in his life. Simbu’s much-publicised affair with actress Nayantara ended in their separation after Nayan felt she’s had enough of him and his tantrums. In a way, the split helped Simbu professionally as he has been making rapid strides as an actor of substance.

The temperamental Simbu surprised himself and his fans last year with his subdued yet effective portrayal of a youth madly in love in Gautam Menon’s ‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya’. There were no ‘finger’ jobs, as one has come to expect in his movies, as Simbu went about his role in a methodical manner in ‘VTV’, his second and only successful film opposite Trisha.

Talking about Simbu’s latest passion, if you think it’s some girl or an actress, then you’ve got it terribly wrong: he loves his pet dog very much these days.

The dog, a breed which womenfolk have shown tendency to like over the years, has become close to our own STR who has named it ‘Cine’ after purchasing it at a whopping cost of Rs.2 lakhs.

Why the name ‘Cine’: it’s just to reinforce the love for the cinema! If you think it’s a bit too much, have this: Simbu reportedly spent quite a lot in celebrating Cine’s ‘birthday’ last month. The maintenance expenditure of Cine runs into around Rs.18,000/-, sources close to the star say!



  1. Vasin

    Yes Now see the mentality of our guys. Neenga nalla oru nike bottom poatutu style’a vantha onnum solla maatnaga. Price 10000 rupees. Pet kukaga selavu panna panninu solranga. See the inflexibility of the mind. Ship’ku anchor poatu niruthi vechrikara maathri namba aalunga brain’ku anchor poatu vechruku namba culture.

  2. sunshines

    Love your comment. and you are absolutely spot on. even tho i feel spending 2 lakh on a dog and 18000 for looking after it is ridiculous! Think of all the poor and needy people.  But then one also has a rite to spend his own money the way he wishes too. So yea we can only hope cine grows up to be a well grommed up dog  😀  .

  3. sri

    yeah I second Vasin’s comment. That guys seems to be earning enough to spend 18k for a dog. Its obsolutely his stand. may be its all a gimmick for income tax…

  4. Vasin

    Don’t be sarcastic @mm.

    In one way India has the most important resource; I mean people. Our boys and girls are talented with numbers compared to even the first world countries. That is why Indians are very good with computers. To be a real good programmer you need intelligence of the highest order. We have it but still we are poor. PPP is $3290; one of the lowest. Why? because we are not flexible in our mind hence lack of progress. Once we get rid of this inflexibility of mind and oncentrate on others things things like communication, style, mutual respect, gender equality, cleanliness, discipline and law abiding we will start winning.

    Don’t get the false idea that you need material resources to be successful when you see countries like quatar sitting on top of the chart on ppp. It is people that are most important; Austria (not Australia) is a great example of a rich country which depends on skilled and orderly work force.

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