Simbu to take up fan club issue with Ajith


Actor Ajith surprised many of his fans by announcing ten days ago that he would like his fans to disband and dissolve all the fans’ clubs operating in his name. The genial star’s announcement ironically coincided with the 40th birthday celebrations, albeit a muted one, on 1st May. The announcement clearly caught his fans and followers unaware as they went into thinking mode as to what to do wo make their matinee idol retract his decision.

Simbu, a self-proclaimed fan of actor Ajith, is one of those die-hard fans who had been badly ‘shattered’ by the actor’s statement. Presently enjoying a successful run at the box-office thanks to his latest starrer ‘Vaanam’, Simbu has said that he has been approached by many of Ajith’s fans (who happen to his fans too) asking him to ‘interene’ in the matter.

Simbu has Tweeted on the social networking sites that he had been ‘literally bombarded’ with calls on his cell-phone and message on his mail which has made his ‘in-box’ overflow. All the calls and messages, Simbu has written, had one plea in common: asking Simbu to take up the matter of ‘disbanding the fans’ clubs’ with Ajith.

Readers might recall that a couple of years ago, Simbu featured in a particular sequence dressing and behaving like Ajith in the film ‘Silambattam’. The actor hasn’t hidden his fascination for Ajith’s style and his acting. As such, it’s not totally unnatural for Ajith’s fans to believe that Simbu would liaise with Ajith and make him change his mind on the ‘functioning’ of the fans’ clubs.

Wait to see what Simbu, the ambassador, would do!



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