Simbu fans accuse Jeeva of cheap Rowthiram publicity

Simbu fans accuse Jeeva of cheap Rowthiram publicity

Of late actor Simbu and Jeeva have been in action “behind the scenes” too, resulting in a bit of mudslinging from both corners. Fans will be aware that it was the ‘KO’ factor that has proved to be a dividing bridge between both the actors. Apparently Simbu was first booked for KO, after he casually walked out of the project, giving way to Jeeva who held onto his seat in style. But things got worse when Jeeva took a dig at Simbu in his recent interview saying Simbu has never been a good friend to me. The final straw was drawn when he accused Simbu indulging in back-stabbing and saying that this won’t ever lead to any sort of healthy competition.

Now actor Jeeva recently had his Rowthiram release for the Independence Day and the movie was just another feather on his cap collecting heavily at the box office. But Simbu fans are really not happy with all the praises falling Jeeva’s way and have now termed Jeeva’s “ back stabbing accusation” as a cheap stunt of publicity to promote his movie. In fact actor Simbu has also received support from his Vettai Mannan co-star Jai who said, “Simbu was happy for Jeeva quite in a genuine way when KO was declared a hit, though it was a lost opportunity for him.” Simultaneously Jeeva fans have brushed off all claims saying, “Simbu’s only competitor is Dhanush.”

 Yikes! Now that’s a real poker.




  1. matured or not matured

    i am assuming you’re matured enough huh? How is he trouble for tamil cinema? its not like tamil cinema is without troubles. Leave him alone. Everyone can’t be the same and simbu rocks in his own way.

  2. don

    simbu u hav fans…??? hahahahahaha……such a perverted fella having fans??? all the perverted must hav joined together to form a club.u r not a trustworhy fella atall.all ur actions…prove it..u back stab people tats known 2 tamil industry and 2 tamil people…plz don’t go out of tamil industry v may loose a comedian lik u….get lost of the whole world…take ur fans along with u too….

  3. Karthick

    Simbhu kalam fans .. Dei Dei Dei …. Chinna Porambokku Avan .. Ivanukalam oru Rasigar Mandaram .. Dei Jai nee moodura .. Nee yaaru da Narayana naduvula .. Un Velaya mattum paaru da !!!!

  4. Charu

    Leave simbu alone guys. Please remember that other people are the ones who talk about simbu and simbu never reacts to them or even talk about them in the media. Just because simbu doesnt clarify anything to anybody certain people assume that he is bad. Until today simbu just ignored jiiva’s statement he just want to do his work guys so let him. Lastly rowthiram hit aah? Bad reviews kellvipatten.

  5. manik

    simbu and his father are the most cleverest people tamil nadu has so far produced. their attidue is i am the best and bugger the rest. imagine if whole of tamil nadu were like them,

  6. ViVi

    Barath complained about the producer for not marketing vaanam properly not at simbu. Jiiva’s statement was very contradicting when he said simbu was not his friend. If jiiva n simbu r not friends in the first place how can simbu indulge in back bitting behind jiiva’s back? It doesn’t make sense right?. Bottomline the media is the culprit and jiiva fell into the media’s trap by giving sensational statement. Common sense!!!

  7. vijay ajith jeeva arya

    hey charu kena siriki chance kidaicha unnaium othutu vitruvan di simbhu… my friend is assistant director.. we know about simbhu ok va . avanga appa va avan ketta vaarthai solli than di face to face to thituvan managetta thanama….  rowthiram ku bad review nu solriya.. antha simbhu mudhevi ku odunathu rendey rendu padam than  onnu manmadhan next VTV. yendi ungaluku intha vela.. jeeva hit ku simbhu nakka kuda mudiyathu

  8. manik

    typical tabloid news. why waste your time. simbu and co should be sent to sri lanka for boot camp conducted by our great one one only mahinda rajapakse.

  9. Joe

    Adada. Jeeva unnaku nalla than training kudurtirukkuraru. Evelavu kaasu vangune? Poda jaldra. Jeevavukku Ching chak adi po.

  10. Smile

    Velakamathuku pattu kunjam kekkudhamle.Simbuku ellam fans?Enna kodumai sir edhu?Everyone knows Simbu has got attitude problem but Jeeva should have just ignored him.Jeeva is also to be blamed now.Jeeva fansku enna oru saguni moolai?Conflict is between Jeeva and Simbu.Sammandhame illama Dhanush-a ezhuthutanga.Aduthavan adichikitu saganum naama adha parthu rasikanum.Aaha,enna oru nalla ennam…

  11. Vasin

    Eniku kuda simbu va avlau pudikathu but I hate me for that.. Why should we dislike Simbu? Smile solra maathri avan ‘attitude’ sarila nu sonna enna artham? Don’t we have to be specific? Does he disrespect parents? No. His father is proud of him. Doesn’t he work hard? I think he works hard; if not he couldn’t have delivered the performance in VTV. Is he a liar? I don’t think so; he is fearless so he doesn’t need to lie. Is he polished in his ways? Yes; the way he speaks is well polished; and when he was with Anushka for an interview he was really well behaved. Is he bad in his conduct? May be; that Aishwar affair. Is he frank? Yes; he is fearless. Does he have a good outlook and perception o the world? I don’t have information. Overall he ticks most boxes right but Smile calls him velakamathu. Unfair!

  12. don

    avan appan oru poramboku avan oru poramboku….epavae avan thambiku saraku, kuttinu sollitharan eperpatta familya erukum karumam avanukellam vakkalathu vanguna epadi sir…. true va erundha bhayam vendam bayam erundha pinnadi pesa vendam’if hez out spoken it does’nt mean he is always rite how many ladies he ditched atha ellam u tube vita nai thane ath.u enn ethana love putukuthu athu ellama u tube la upload panni pazhi vagarangala? pidikilaya orama po… mathavanga manasa hurt panna theru nai matri kallu adi patu savan. athan simbukku nada pogudu

  13. Smile

    Everyone knows Simbu is a big time womanizer.I have seen other actors but in recent times none of them have been indecent as this one.I think Vtv and Vanam are the movies so far in which he has shown his talent in acting.Just see his Kuthu,Manmadhan,Saravanan(with meghna naidu),Alai,Vallavan.Ada ada Ada,ennama pizhinjan….Kamal sir ellam emathiram?But the build up he gives is as if all women are his sisters.Atleast his dad was decent,never touched any of his leading ladies….aana paiyan appaneiye minjittan.His and Nayanthara’s matter puttikichu.As a decent fella,he should have said engirunthalum vazhga aana durai enna pannaru,rombha nagarigama nadandhukitaru.He let out the photos.Oru nalla manushan seira velaiya?Now don’t tell me he did not release the pics on the net.

  14. Smile

    Sorry friends…dunno why my comments get uploaded multiple times though I post them only once.I don’t have an option where I can delete it either….Sorry!

  15. june

    amaam….athna pattilla kuda appidi thaana varum..

    loosu penne, en bedroom fan um unnai kekithae or something LOL

  16. swathi

    this guy is idoit doing in the word of love how many girls lost there life he is fucking dog..because of him how many girls lost the hope in guys…but true love of a girl will surely reach soon to the bad him

  17. Smile

    @Swathi….I agree with you.Good girls fall for bad guys(or the guys make the girls fall for them by being “so sweet”)and Nice guys get bad girls….kala kalama vazhaiyadi vazhaiya thondru thottu nadakarudhudhan.Summa pora ponna love pannreanu torture panradhu,when she reciprocates,gifts,card kuduthu nalla oor sutha vendiyadhu.One day the girl will come to know that the guy is a flirt.Seri odhingiduvomnu oru periya kumbidu poduva.Adha vechikitte evanunga “Loosu penne,loosu pennu”nu paatu paduvanunga….then indha kaadhale eppadthan! Ponungale eppadithanu sollitu plate-a appadiye namma pakkam thirupuvanunga…..I am not generalizing bec there are exceptions.But most of them cannot be trusted.

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