simbu nayantara

Simbu and Nayantara say, Ready to pairing up on-screen

simbu nayantara

After much drama, Simbu and Nayantara now say that they have absolutely ‘no problems’ in pairing up on-screen provided their call-sheet diaries permit them. The sudden volte-face by these two only proves that the film industry is full of artistes whose mindset changes with the blink of an eye. After pairing up in the only film Vallavan a few years back, the couple fell in love and split after washing their dirty linen in public.

After her split with Simbu, Nayan fell in love with Prabhudeva only to call off recently the three-and-a-half year long relationship with him. Reports said that Nayan had been approached to play the lead role in Simbu’s upcoming film Vaalu which was first denied by Simbu. Nayan, who confirmed the offer, said that she had put 3 conditions to accepting the offer.

The condiditions included paying Rs.3 crores to her for starring opposite Simbu and not ‘allowing’ Simbu to either talk to her during the breaks or come anywhere near her caravan during the shoot. Nayan now denies that she imposed any conditions at all. “It’s true that I was offered Vaalu opposite Simbu. I couldn’t commit immediately to the film as I have 3 Telugu films on hand. It’s not true that I imposed any conditions or demanded Rs.3 crore.

“I have absolutely no problems or objections in pairing up with Simbu provided I have the dates which he wants. I never said that I won’t act with him. If at all we are to act together, it ought to be confirmed either by me or by Simbu,” she said. On his part, Simbu repeated the same. “I have no problems in acting opposite her. If both of us have our call-sheet dates free on the dates wanted by a producer or director, we would sure come together for a film,” says Simbu.


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