Simbu troubles Kettavan director

Simbu’s controversies never appear to cease

Simbu troubles Kettavan director

Simbu aka STR is never far away from any controversy. Though it was widely rumoured that the actor had ‘mended’ his ways after the highly-successful Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya last year, latest incidents seem to say a different story.

Even during the making of VTV, Simbu is said to have insisted on a ‘long’ lip-lock between him and Trisha but Menon had his way in the end. During the shooting of the just-completed Osthi, Simbu reportedly told director Dharani in advance that he wouldn’t be shooting in the evenings as he had to play cricket with his friends. It is also said that his insistence of having Tamannaah as heroine paved his way out of K.V. Anand’s Ko last year.

When Simbu can trouble veteran directors, the trouble newcomers would be put to by him can easily be imagined. Murugan, who ‘shadow’ directed Simbu’s Manmadhan, had a huge tiff with the latter. Nandhu, who is all set to direct Simbu in Kettavan, is said to be the latest director who is getting the ‘Simbu’ treatment. Though the press advertisements said that Simbu pens the story, screenplay and dialogues, poor Nandhu says he only wrote the story, screenplay and dialogues!

As Simbu didn’t seem to be proceeding with Kettavan, Nandhu approached Bharath to make the film. Simbu played spoilsport by asking producer Jain to stay away from the project. Nandhu then went to Tollywood and spoke to Allu Arjun to explore the possibility of making the film in Telugu. Simbu later spoke to Allu Arjun and last heard, Arjun is not ‘responding’ to Nandhu’s phone calls.

Would justice befall Nandhu?



  1. Smile

    aiyo athadi naan simbu pathi comment kudukaley da sami…pona comments kuduthathe pothum…enna attack panrathukey rendu peru vazhi mel vizhi vaithu kaathukondirukirargal…. =-X

  2. Aravind

    Donno the news is true or not……but its very sad to see his stupid attitude….u have talent but u r arrogance is causing u r downfall……

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