Siddharth in 3 Idiots Tamil Remake

Following Simbhu turning down the offer to star in the tamil  remake of 3 Idiots, actor Siddharth is ready to grab it. If industry sources are to be believed Siddharth, the young star is a well known face in Tamil and Tollywood, has been approached to star in the remake by the producers, Gemini Films. Reportedly, the actor had no other option other than to sign, due to the Shankar’ factor, As  It was Shankar who inoduced Siddharth in his 2003 flick Boys.

The Boys Hero had earlier said that he loved the Hindi film 3 Idiots. It’s a double whammy for the former associate of ace director Mani Ratnam. Gemini Films  also felt that Sidharath, (who is popular in Telugu  as Siddhartha as well as in Kollywood), is the perfect choice for both the Tamil and Telugu versions with Vijay and Mahesh Babu respectively, playing Aamir Khan’s role in the remake.

Siddharth is currently starring with a bi-lingual titled 180, which is being directed by popular ad filmmaker Jayendra. It is speculated that Jeeva is to play the third hero. Another highlight is actor Sathyaraj, who also enjoys a big market in Telugu, has been signed for the role of the funny professor(Virus) made memorable by Boman Irani in the original. While Ileana is the name striking for the lead heroines role.

Harris Jayaraj has been approached to do the music, with the brief to recreate the magic the Shankar-Harris combo conjured up for Anniyan.

While all this is happening Siddharth is in no mood to reveal more info , he says aava (telugu) – october 2010, Untitled disney film (telugu/tamil) – january 2011, 180 (telugu/tamil) – April 2011 are the only films i ve been confirmed.



  1. Mohan

    Brother, Shankar is the top director in Tamil , he can only make movies with top stars, already he has made two with the Super Star, now he is going to make  with the next hero of mass.

  2. king

    If Shankar dont do a film with vijay then always there will be a question "why shankar is not doing a film with vijay?". Shankar's script will never suit a guy like vijay so he has decided to better use vijay in this remake film itself so that he wont be questioned for not doing a film with vijay..
    And vijay who was right from the beginnig interested in remake of 3 idiots should have insisted the producers to rope in Shankar since vijay knows vey well that this is his only chance to act in a Shankar's film

  3. karthik

    vijay – bull shit plz do not spoil a good movie join in film institute and learn acting may be u ll be in a position to act along with ur child

  4. reader

    so sad that director have to invest some $$$ for talcumpowder and makeup kits.
    if the heroien of that stroy going to be fair skinned then confirmed they are going to waste their money on talcumpowder.

    they could save some $$$ if they go for any other hard working TALENTED artist like suriya. they care about their work than makeup

  5. Lawrence

    How Funny, just because some idiots types in some thing ..Poeple join in like an Ant.

    Just open your eyes and see around,  the fan following of Vijay.  every actor has fans,  but Vijay is the number 2 in Tamil nadu.

    His recent movies didn do well because of poor director selections.. Wait and watch from now on, it is going to be appu machi.. for u all..

  6. Lawrence

    Yeah Shankar is the First Idiot, that is why he is the best director.

    And you are the First Genious thats why you are fame is running on the sky.

  7. Lawrence

    Yeah  but i am on the reverse side of Ant flow.

    Assisn Creed, nothing wrong with it dude Jayam Raja has no own brains too but Hardly 5% people would be aware of the stills.. In that case if u look Maghadheera had lot of replication to 300 and gladiator,., Didn it turn into a Super hit in Telugu..

  8. Vijay-useless actor

    Vijay is a useless fellow.  . He came to this stage only by acting in the remake films. A man who deserves name only if he is talent. Vijay is not.

    Just think ! ! !

  9. tamil

    Shankar was assitant director to SAC those days>

    To show his gratitude towards SAC,this may be a best option to work in remake movie rather than creating script for Vijay.

  10. san33

    vijay vaichu Shankar padam  eduthalum …appovum remake dhan… 🙁  ..  will c..wen actually vijay is going to learn acting , leaving his punch dialogues and anna na…. way of talking…  sure aamir khan boosted that movie with his fabulous acting lets c…whether vijay is going to copy or he is going to do sachin movie style acting huh,.. anyways that amir khan role expectation is gone …next siddharth super choice — maddy ku alternative….

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