Siddharth heads for Hollywood

Siddarth in Hollywood film

Looks like Sidhharth is having a good year indeed. Siddharth is busy doing Telugu films and is also currently working on a Tamil romantic comedy Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi, directed by debutant Balaji. His last film in Tamil was 180, after a spate of seven years.

The latest news is that Roger Spottiswoode, the Hollywood director of James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies and films like Shake Hands with the Devil has signed up Siddharth to do his next film on the genius Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam, who rewrote the history of numbers.

Siddharth got a call from Roger and met up with him in London where he was given a narration of the script.

The Indian actor loved the narration and agreed to do the film, which will open Hollywood doors for him. Roger disclosed that he got the idea since he was very impressed with the actor’s performance in the Aamir Khan starrer Rang De Basanti.



  1. karunaaas

    Roger kitta abdiye namma YUVAN pathi sollu paa that we have a creative and a best musician called YUVAN SHANKAR RAJA nnu.  Yuvanukku oru hollywood padam kidaikkattume  appuram paarunga RAJAPAATTAAIthan

  2. usha

    happy to see a indian, that too a tamizhan acting in a hollywood film..

    is he the first tamil guy to act in hollywood?

  3. DK

    No there is a guy named sendhil ramamurthy..he is the most successful indian origin actor to be succesful in hollywood..

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