Siddharath -Shruthi Hassan affair takes to the next step

Shruti Hassan
Usually versatile personalities attract normal people quite easily. But if two multi-talented personalities work together it will end up in…. yes! You are right! Love! Kamal Hassan’s daughter Shruti Hassan is dating Siddharth.
Shruti Hassan is a singer-turned-music composer-turned-actress. Siddharth is an assistant director-turned-actor-turned-playback singer and screenplay writer. News leaked earlier in November 2009 revealed that Shruti and Siddharth were introduced in a party at Chennai. After that, they have been spotted together many times during lunches, dinner meetings and they have been seen at parties dancing till night. They both looked comfortable with each other. Now this pair is acting together in Telugu fantasy epic ‘Yodha’ Tongues started wagging about the couple after they were seen entering together the premiere of Siddharth’s Bollywood film ‘Striker’ While their dating was implicit so far, it seems they are moving towards formalizing it. It looks like Shruti has introduced Siddharth to her parents. Kamal Hassan is aware that the couple is getting increasingly fond of each other. Shruti also seems serious about him. It seems Shruti’s sister Akshara met Siddharth and they get along well.
Siddharath -Shruthi affair

Shruti was earlier gossiped with a guitarist. After divorcing his wife of four years, Meghna in 2006, Siddharth was dating Soha Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress. After the failure of his affair with Soha Ali Khan, Siddharth is now dating Shruti. While ‘Love’ is considered as ‘sin’ in middle class families, this ‘sin’ is considered as a ‘pleasure’ in high class families! Both Shruti and Siddharth have age, money and status. What else is there to forbid them? Let them enjoy their life!

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