Shruti Haasan Shraddha Das Shazhan Padamsee get glamourous

The 3 Damsels will set temperatures high
The 3 Damsels will set temperatures high

It seems that the hot damsels from Kolly town are in search for greener pastures and guess what all three of them(Shraddha Das,Shruti Haasan,Shazhan Padamsee) have taken refuge in a Bollywood flick namely Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji. And yes all three of them have decided to give a “Bare it or Dare it” try as we will see the divas step up their glamour quotients for this one.

Shraddha Das (Allu Arjun’s actress in Arya2) will be seen in a very lustful bikini scene coupled along with a few lip locks. Shruti Haasan will bare her back to get those eyeballs rolling and Shazhan Padamsee(featured in Orange) will keep temperatures hot with a low top.

The movie seems to be of vital importance for all three of them as none of them has received a good run with their recent ventures.

“A spicy affair” we must say…



  1. Vasin

    Chocolate Gatau for breakfast. Scrabled Egg for Luch. Beef Stew for Dinner. Then you will get the predator look in your eyes. Then you will be a sexy girl. Now you look innocuous.

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