Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan off to Switzerland

Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan is having the time of her life. Still receiving cheers and appreciations for her ‘3’, the lovely face decided to go on an escapade, leaving Chennai. Well she definitely sounded having a lot of fun rather than working it out, shooting for her forthcoming Gabbar Singh, in the Swiss nation.

Enjoying her trip near the mountainous Alpsregion, Shruti says, “Umbrella vs wind battle in the mountains. Beautiful weather stunning view:) and dancing!!”  She was in Switzerland shoot the songs for her Telugu release Gabbar Singh and the cold weather did get her hugging for her sweaters. Away from the shoots the actress spent time traveling, trying out new flavors of yogurts and ice-creams and a lot,lot more. “Most stunning train journey in Switzerland. Haven’t been on a train in ages, so having a blast. I’m obsessing over the fruit yoghurt here yumms! shooting going ahead full speed and I’m having a super time! :)” The Switzerland shoots goes down as one of her treasured experiences, as she quipped, “Done with the last day of Gabbar Singh! Had such a fantastic time with the entire crew and the whole experience was so fun. Fingers toes crossed. And Switzerland is sooo stunning I had the best time. I feel like mountains have really given me some perspective. Can I stay here for ever and ever and ever? Pwetty pweeeeze?!” Why not Shruti we have cancelled your return flights to India already 😉


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