Shruti Haasan needs your prayers

Shruti Haasan needs your prayers

Latino belle Shruti Haasan desperately seeks your prayers. The gorgeous looking actress pleaded to her fans saying, “Battling the insane Chennai heat .Pray for me!!!:( ”.Shruti recently bagged Aishwarya-Dhanush flick 3 (Moonu) replacing Amala Paul. She is facing the heat filming for 3, being currently shot in Chennai. ‘3’ is produced by Dhanush’s dad Kasthuri Raja, and directed by his wife Aishwarya Dhanush.

‘Moonu’ actress Shruti will be soon making her Tamil debut  in style opposite ‘namma’ Suriya in ‘7aam Arivu’ and there are unconfirmed reports suggesting that her role will be similar to that of a cancer stricken character played by Rajinikanth in his debut movie Apoorva Raagangal.. The talk of tinsel town is that roping in Shruti for any movie is a nightmare for the producers as they have to shell out huge sums just for her daily expenses. The lanky heroine made it into Munnu after her other Telugu flick titled “Gabbar Singh” was delayed due to some pending paperwork.

Pray for her, folks! our buttercup needs it.




  1. Smile

    Vara vara edhuku pray pannanumnu vevasthaiye illama pochu….pls pray for my film to release-nu ketta kooda parava illai.Evangaluku heat aagalena naama pray pannanuma?Even others are getting burnt what’s so special for her?Is she made of ice?Surya bagawanukku venumna oru petition anupunga…

  2. Vasin

    Ava onnum thappa sollala; all girls think they are special; nee kuda apdithan; we don’t complain; why do you complain?

  3. Smile

    @Vasin…Yes all girls think that they are special.Girls should feel that way.Nothing wrong about feeling good or special about one’s self but that does not give u the right to be to be proud.We must be able to adapt to all situations.Especially if ur an actor/actress,u have to get used to the weather conditions or else how will you act?Just bec it’s hot,can someone keep fanning her??Or can they do a outdoor shooting away from the sun?All u have to do is dab on sunblock,drink lots of water/fruit juices,get replenished and act.If she’s such a “touch-me-not”then she should refrain from acting.

    And excuse me,i am confident about myself.I love myself but i am not self-obsessed.So don’t tell me nee kuda appadithan.

  4. Vasin

    Ada…naan thappa onnum mean pannala…just mean you are more intelligent, beautiful.ect..last week UK GCE results release pannanga..the sucsess rate gap between girls and boys keep increasing. 

  5. ht

    Smile : Well said… Inthe Shruti yenna periya komba? Ennoma vanathile iruthu kuthiche vantha mari demand pendra… Hot and cold is nature , we all live with it. Like you said we have to adapt to all circumstances…

    If she wants to act, she shud learn how to adapt otherwise she can quit.. she is nothing special..

    As for Vasin comment on you being intelligent and beautiful… Intelligent na beautiful thaan ne… Since you are intellegent..u r definetly beautiful.

  6. Smile

    @ht…Thanks for supporting me on “Shruthi beats the heat” issue.Rombha pugazhndhuteenga!But i feel no one is intelligent.We are all simpletons!Ha ha….Even the most brainiest person may not know the answer for a simple question.Kattradhu kai mannalavu,kalladhadhu ulagalavu.We just have to keep learning….

  7. spoilers

    s vasin they feel special but for chennai heat how could the prayer will ans ?? it is just a news that is made what u say ?? 🙂

  8. Vasigaran

    @Smile she needs to protect her beauty….. Beautiful girls say lik dat…. If she doesn’t maintain her beauty den she dont hav a duty & also she cant go for a party…. So i am gonna pray for her beauty..

  9. Smile

    @Vasigaran….vitta neengale Surya bagavan kitta poi enna evvalo venumnalum sudunga Shruthiya vittudunganu kenjuveenga pola….ok pray for her if you wish.

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