Shruti Haasan getting too expensive for producers

Shruti Haasan turns expensive

Reports say that upcoming starlet and actor Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti Haasan is turning out to be quite expensive for her producers. The talented Shruti had already debuted as actress in Bollywood and Tollywood with not much success and is now trying out her luck in Tamil by debuting as Suriya’s heroine in director A.R. Murugadoss’ upcoming film ‘7aam Arivu’.

It is said that the producer is made to cough up Rs.60,000 for a day’s expenses for Shruti Haasan as she comes along with her entourage. Her costumer, touch-up artiste, make-up women and car driver are all to be paid off hefty sums by the producers for each day till the schedule is completed.

Most of the leading actresses get their fee including the allowances to be paid to their personal attendants like make-up artistes. Shruti, however, dares to be different and makes the director bear the burden of taking care of her assistants. A rough estimate puts these expenses alone at Rs.60 lakhs!



  1. neha

    U got talent so dont spoil ur market… eventhogh ur father is an  Universal Hero it doesnt mean u can demand 4 evrything.. 

  2. Smile

    This is toooo much!!! She is already affluent.Actually a princess nu kooda sollalam….then why this greed?

  3. Vasin

    Price high na thappilaye; let us she how much she delivers for it; her looks are lopsided but hereditary intelligence could make up for it.

  4. Simbu

    sir, yaaru sir neenge..intha pose’le MGR madri summa thakka thakka’nu minnringe..shruti intha pic pathalna ava pera shruti edwin’nu mathippa..terror look sir 😎

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