Shruti and Siddharth in trouble

Shruti and Siddharth in trouble

 Kamal Haasans eldest daughter Shruti Hassan and the boyish looking Siddharth do share a very special bond apart from their filmy connections. And just like in any relationship these connections can backfire at you leaving you all down and depressed. Something similar happened to our Sid who couldn’t help befriend disaster lately.( No….people it’s not daddy Kamal he met …..thankfully …whuuuf)

Siddharth recently dropped his expensive Macbook pro (A geek at our office tells us it’s worth a lakh ) as the actor is undergoing a guilt-ridden phase mulling over his careless act. A regretting Siddharth says, “Lost my entire hard drive when my Macbook pro fell off its perch. When will I learn to backup regularly and not be lazy? Disaster!”

On the other hand his “Oh My Friend ” heroine  (stop grinning …we honestly meant the movie) Shruti Hassan has some other troubles to handle. After her brave resistances against the Chennai heat the pretty lass is having some mosquito problems to deal with. “Today I am dessert for mosquitoes 🙁 shooting with them is not fun..*scratch* ” said Shruti who is looking forward to her Tamil debut in Suriya starrer 7aam Arivu this Diwali.

So guys, how many of you want to lend a helping hand to Shruti  squashing some mosquitoes in the process?




  1. june

    “So guys, how many of you want to lend a helping hand to Shruti  squashing some mosquitoes in the process? “

     the article writer today is a perv. damn

  2. Tim

    Kollywood….Anymore bullshitting news like this…I will break all of your expensive Laptops and put mosquitos in all your private parts of the body. !!

  3. SB

     adap paavikala . . . celebs mosquito bite kooda periya flash news ah builtup panniteengale . . . . …………………………………..  

    SATHIYA   SODANAI …………………..

  4. Smile

    Are the people at a loss for news???Is this news in the first place?At the rate things are going,we can expect a news that says “Shruthi scratched her back”-How many of you want to help her?Or “Sid forgot to wash his socks”-How many ladies would want to do it for him?

    Crap…What’s happening?Sid has all the money in the world .Why would he brood over a 1lakh worth MacPro?The dude can get a new one just like that ….
    And the drama queen…. Hasn’t she come across a mosquito repellent?Just grab one and dab it over and ur done!

    Geez….I can’t believe my eyes!!!!

  5. pacs

    “The Mokkai” competition b/w the article and @smile’s above comment..

    ofcos @smile wins 😛 😛 😛 😛 ..

  6. ak

     should laugh at this news.. it was something these two posted on twitter and u guys are makng t news. a “useless” information.. i sometimes feel you share some good info abt the cini world.. but yeah, u post something like this to change the opinion.. 

  7. Cric

    Enne smile 🙂  Nee vettiya id=ndha news padichidum illama ..evalo periya comment adhukku uppu chappa madhri sella reply vere … Sruthi oda back scrtach ana enna illa Sid ode socks kazhugana enne ?>>>>> 🙂

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