Shriyas macro-mini predicament causes furore

Shriya's macro-mini predicament causes furore
Shriya's macro-mini predicament causes furore

At a recent filmy event, actress Shriya Saran turned out in a rather sexy attire.  Her ultra-glam look got the photographers clicking busily at her.  Soon, Shriya realized she had to ‘intervene’ to stop them from clicking her image.

She had put on a small tops and teamed it up with a macro-mini skirt.  This not only got the audience’s attention but made the photographers busy.  Seeing them clicking her incessantly, Shriya reportedly beckoned to a photographer and when he came nearby, asked him to show her the snaps he had clicked.

After going through the photographs, Shriya asked him to delete all the images which ‘liberally’ showed her below the waist and which she thought shouldn’t be printed.  The photographer had no other go but to accede to her request and did so.  She later told him to take her photo only up to torso and not below that.

The lens-man was clearly in a bad mood and later heard commenting, “I wasn’t the only one who took the snaps… There were many others too.  If an actress doesn’t want herself clicked, she should ensure that she turns up in the right attire.  Even if I don’t take any photos, others are always there….isn’t it  part of our job?”

Shriya, when asked about the incident, is said to have revealed that she was allergic to the ‘flashlight’ of the camera and therefore had asked the lens man to not to click her for some time!


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