Shriya Condemns Sabarimala Temple Rules

Shriya Saran condemns against Sabarimala Temple
Shriya Saran condemns against Sabarimala Temple

Actress Shriya Saran, who is very vocal in all matters, has condemned the famous Sabarimala Temple authorities for forbidding women from entering the sanctum sanctorum.

Way back in 2006, popular Kannada actress Jayamala triggered a raging storm, after the actress claimed that she had been to the ‘sanctum sanctorum’ of the Sabarimala holy temple and in fact ‘touched’ the deity of Lord Ayyappa. (The temple rules forbid women between the ages of 10-50 years from entering the temple.)

While the temple management said she couldn’t have entered the temple and said that she was lying, Jayamala reiterated that she was saying nothing but the truth. This paved way for the filing of a case against her and she has now been ‘charged’ with the offence of having entered the temple premises in an ‘illegal’ manner.

Jayamala, astrologer Parapanangadi Unnikrishnan and his assistant Raghupathi were charged under Section 295 A of IPC for ‘deliberate and malicious act’ intended to outrage religious feeling. Jayamala has been included as the third accused by the Crime Branch Police as it is strongly believed that the actress made such a statement only to support astrologer Unni Krishnan’s surmise during the Deva Prasannam that a woman entered the temple.

Kannada actress Jayamala
Kannada actress Jayamala

Reacting to this and coming in aid of Jayamala, Shriya has said that it’s highly surprising that women are banned from entering the ‘precincts’ of Sabarimala.
“I simply can’t understand the logic behind the decision. In fact, I can’t but admire Jayamala who acted in a courageous manner in the issue,” says Shriya.

The daring Punjabi girl, who speaks quite a lot about her religious sincerity, is peeved at the way women are prevented from entering the holy Sabarimala Hills.

“If Jayamala had really done what she claims to have done, she does deserve kudos of the highest order. I appreciate her for the sheer courage displayed by her. It’d be nice if someone clarified as to what prevented women from entering the precincts of the holy hills,” asked Shriya.

Will someone clarify the issue for the sake of Shriya?



  1. nikhil menon

    I have been to Sabarimala 9 times now and the reason why women are not allowed into Sabarimala is because women always strive for lust, beauty and sexiness if you will. The journey to Sabarimala doesnt start with the climb or the drive there but it starts with the 41 day vridhm which a devotee must complete. During the vridhm the devotee is not allowed to enjoy an of his/her pleasures, including such things as sex, consumption of anything intoxicating ie. alcohol and the devotee must be vegetarian. In the case of a male, he must grow his hair and must not shave his face and cannot cut his hear. The ideal of Ayyappa is that one must give up all of his attractiveness and must return to basics. Some people will even give upp sleeping in the same bedd as their spouse and others may opt to sleep on a paya(husk sheet) for the vridhm. Comforts are all supposed to be given up, the process is intended to humble a person.  In addition, there is only one goddess in Sabarimala, Maalikapurthamma and she too, is located far from the sanctum. The Padinitham Padi itslef is eighteen steps, with each step representing a desire which one must conquer. And it is because of these reasons that women are not permitted into Sabarimala

  2. Sannidhanam

    Shriya you should try to focus on ur pathetic career rather than taking on the gods & temples. You can for e.g. suck the directors dick n keep your mouth shut. And y r we even talking about changing nething, whatever is der in Hinduism we are proud of it, n won’t even bother following ne oder religion. So those who think its wrong can best avoid going there. You are not invited ….now go fuck urself

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