Shriya Chooses Hyderbad bars for her night parties

Shriya's enjoying moment at a night out party
Shriya's enjoying moment at a night out party

Shriya Saran who hit the news last week after having questioned the Sabarimala Temple rules  of not allowing women between 10-50 to not visit the temple,(Read More) has jumped to her next stunt.

An english daily of late has been compling a list of the best club to hang arounds for a Cock tail Party in the country.  And when the reporter crossed  Shriya at bangalore at the Chikku bukku premier, he had casually asked the actress have you tasted liquor, her reply  was ” While Men can why cant I” . Making him to dig more out of her mouth.

So where do u usually hang around for a mid night party ? The XXX club at the Banjara hills , Hyderbad is my favorite spot, i love the place and the partying atmosphere a lot inside also another club located at Jubilee Hills is also my usual hang out.

While the daily has announced  to release out her favourite drinks and the things she loves to do at the club, in the next edition, lets wait for more info.

Whether she drinks or not  is  all purely under her own personal arena,  but her open revelation and admission  is sure will not go good atleast with the tamil conservative society.



  1. anu

    like why does it matter thats her own personal choice, isnt it? she still a good actress, her hitting the club and drinking has nothing to do with her career as long as she knows where shes getting in life. And also so what if she drinks? shes still young and shes jus enjoying life. typical society

  2. Vasin

    Fine but in the above photo somehow it looks mmmmm not so admirable; may be saree doesn’t fit for such occassions. No problem you may do whatever you want but if you know you are going to be watched you should develop a good style. They kiss passionately in public here but it looks good. 

  3. முனியாண்டி

    இந்த தேவிடியாளுக்கு இத விட்ட வேற எதுவும் தெரியாது. போ போய் அந்த கோல்டி பசங்க கூட ஆட்டம் போட்டு நாசமா போ……………………………………………….

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