Shreya Ghoshals idea of a perfect night

Shreya Ghoshal’s idea of a perfect night

Shreya Ghoshals idea of a perfect night

Known for her soulful renditions Shreya Ghoshal, definitely is gifted with a voice that will hold you mesmerized. Enjoying a fan base all over the country the lady has been in and out of news, even making a possible entry to the silver screen. Soft spoken by nature she has always maintained that she was born to sing and wanting to keep her attention focused.

When a leading Bollywood production house came up with the idea of launching her movie career with a top hero Shreya stood by her decision saying that, “Singing has always been my priority and I am happy with it.” While acting isn’t her cup of tea she definitely has some other things going on for her apart from singing. For all you fans who want to know what keeps this little angel busy when not singing, we’d like to tell you that it’s English man P. G. Wodehouse – Piccadilly Jim that’s topping her list. Shreya says that it’s a book, blanket and silence:):) that she needs to make up a “perfect night!” She has developed a kind of addiction towards reading saying, “Once I like a book I can’t put it down till I finish!”

Now that’s a healthy addiction to have swettie! 🙂


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