Shreya Goshal

Shreya Ghoshal vents her anger on Dr Batra

Shreya Goshal

They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but looks like Shreya Ghoshal isn’t having enough apples of late. Now you can’t blame the poor girl for that. With her marathon singing sessions and being top choice, enthralling crowds at major public events, things do get a bit hectic at times.

Breaking into whatever little time she’s got, Shreya is being troubled by unwanted phone calls and messages in her mobile theses days. Many leading brands are trying to convince her to give their products a try, and a hopeful endorsement too. One of them happens to be Dr.Batra’s a homeopathy clinic, who is offering her health consultation and a computerized hair test at their esteemed medical center. They have also invited her to check out the various options available to treat hairfall, skin disease, allergies or any other health issues, if concerned. Irritated with her inbox piling up with unwanted messages Shreya vented her anger out on the homeopathy brand saying “Someone give Dr. Batra a treatment so he stops spamming my phone. Please! Enough is enough. Please give them enough sales so that they stop spamming my phone.”

Shreya baby we told you, just have your apples regularly. It simply works 🙂



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