Shilpa Shetty’s Thaali turns bangle

Shilpa Shetty

After her wedding with Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty has been in news for something or the other. The latest talk of the town is the black beads bangle she started wearing right after her marriage.

When she was questioned about the bangle, Shilpa replied that it was her Mangal Sutra(Thaali or Nupital Chain).

Instead of wearing it around my neck which is customary ive made it as a bangle“, she added.

This issue has now drawn flak from several religious heads. “Wearing the Magal Sutra in any part of the body other than neck is against the Indian culture“, says Pandit Acharya Manoj.

But  modern age girls dont find any wrong with it  and lends  their full support to Shilpa. “As long as we live together with the guy it doesnt matter where we wear the nupital chain “, says a Delhi student.



  1. Anonymous

    It is not foolish, She knows Raj kundra is temporary fix, once his money is drained , she will change the bangles.

  2. Aval.Thaan.Brandy.

    its her life her body her thali as long as her husbands ok with it.. it doesnt matter where she wears it.. i my self would wear it on my neck..but its up to her where she wanna wear it.. most peoples dont even wear there thalis..maybe when they go to a relatives house or to a wedding.. lol.. thats how peoples are in Canada, not sure about other places.

  3. Anonymous

    its upto her and her husband to decide on wear to wear thier symbol of being married…. its not a hard and fast rule or a law that a thali should only be around the neck… it doesnt matter as long as the wife and husband feels happy and comfotable.. dont start on the tradition part.. as no one knows who wrote or said these traditional rules.. most of it are not acceptable to the current life styles..

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