Shantanu says he’s not part of the six-pack abs tribe

shanthanu bhagyaraj

Actor Shantanu is somewhat relieved that his latest film Aayiram Vilakku co-starring veteran actor Sathyaraj and actress Sana Khan has been doing reasonably well at the box-office. Directed by the newly-wed SP Hosimin, the film had been in the making for a long time and finally hit the screens last Friday to a warm response from the public.

Speaking about his experience during the making of the film, Shantanu says, “All of us had put in lots of hard-work….Sana has put her best performance as on date and the romantic sequences between us have come off very well indeed. Both of spent considerable time in learning the local Madurai dialect before the commencement of the film’s shooting schedule.

“It was an unforgettable experience. In today’s changing trend, actors aren’t afraid to star in multi-starrer movies. In an upcoming film of mine titled Amali Duamali, I share the screen-space with actor Nakul. The film world has become highly commercialized and heroes and heroines have no other go but to agree to star in films with more than one hero and one heroine.

“As far as my understanding is concerned, I don’t think the passion for ‘six-pack abs’ among heroes has become passé. Of course, for my role in Aayiram Vilakku, I did indulge in my routine physical exercises but didn’t try to do anything out of the ordinary. I don’t believe in the luck factor and believe that only hard-work can make one’s career in Kollywood,” says Shantanu.



  1. Smile

    Yup….What’s so great about six packs??I think it’s more important for a guy to be fit as a fiddle than have six pacs…As long as u excersice well and maintain ur body,it should be fine.

  2. spoilers

    To reduce his body it will take min 1 year so y take risk 😛

    Most obes actor in current list of actors…. just see his physicque and he bringing out six pack abs is not that easy it needs lots of work

  3. ThamizhRasigan

    namma allunga elllam nogama nombu kumbadra velai than seivanunga…. oru silla nadigana thavira evanavathu 6-pack vidu, thoppa illama irrukana??? love panna sonna udane paanju paanju padathula panratha vida 10 madangu athigama pannuvanga…. aana exerciso ila samuga sevai panna sonnalo oru paya vara mattan…. appadiye 10 robavukku pannallum athukku 100 selavu panni vilambaram thedikkuvan… kedu ketta cinema ulagam…. padam nalla iruntha pakkarathoda niruthikittu ivanungalluku kodi pidikaratha illaignargal kandippa niruthanum…

  4. reena

    Yep… that’s right.
    Aana sila per thanaala edhu mudiyalayo they tend to put that down… I think shantanu belongs to that category. He tries to put on a mask of cute hero and tends to imitate simbu especially in song sequences. Thambi u have a long way to go.

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