Shankars disappointment with Harris Jayarajs slow pace

Director Shankar Harris Jayaraj

Director Shankar has been making his upcoming film ‘Nanban’ at a rather brisk pace compared to his usual style of film-making. He took close to two years in making his last film ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ which starred superstar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the lead. The film, which had many special effects and graphics sequences, obviously took more time than usual.

‘Nanban’, the Tamil remake of the Bollywood hit film ‘3 Idiots’, stars Vijay, Jiiva, Srikanth, S.J. Suriyah and Tollywood’s Ileana. Though the shooting of the film has been going at a good pace, Shankar appears to be a ‘worried’ man, Unit sources say on condition of anonymity. The quartet of lead actors in Vijay, Jiiva, Srikanth and Ileana, has told Shankar to complete the film as soon as possible as they have committed themselves to star in other films too.

Shankar is also said to be under pressure from the producer of the film, who has reportedly told him to do everything possible at his command to ensure that the film is released on or before this year’s Deepavali. Deviating from his usual style of sitting at the editing desk along with the editor, Shankar has sent to the editor the sequences he has completed asking him to edit it ‘accordingly’.

Too busy to go to the editing table, Shankar is also said to be ‘burdened’ by the slow pace with which music director Harris Jayaraj is working while composing music for the film. Harris is yet to compose the duet song to feature Vijay and Ileana and has reportedly ‘postponed’ the work as he had to go abroad to take part in a musical night.

A tough task-master he might be; still, Shankar is said to be in a dilemma as to how to get the job done from Harris Jayaraj!


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