Director Shankar

Shankar:My first aim was to become an actor

Director Shankar

After spending two decades at the top as one of the country’s most-respected filmmakers, director-producer Shankar has finally spoken his mind out on his inner ambitions. Shankar has said that he first wanted to become an actor and not a film-maker. Despite his achievements, Shankar was humble enough to say that he hadn’t achieved anything ‘major’ in his career.

Shankar was taking part in a function held to introduce the debutant director Sneha Britto who directs the remake of Sattam Oru Iruttarai, directed by S.A. Chandrasekaran more than three decades back. SAC now produces the film and supervises Sneha’s work as a director. Readers might recall that Shankar first worked as an assistant director under SAC in some of his films. If someone watched carefully, may find that Shankar appeared in a Panchayat scene for a Pandiarajan’s movie Nethiyadi(1988).

“I don’t think I have performed any achievements as a filmmaker. If I’m credited to doing so, all the credits ought to go to SAC. Before joining SAC as an assistant director, I had appeared in a few stage plays. In fact, I first approached SAC seeking a chance to act in one of his films. Though I couldn’t become an actor, I became an assistant director. I learnt the traits of being active, disciplined, punctual and planning under him.

“Though I didn’t become an actor, it was always my ambition to act. I now wish Sneha and the rest of the crew a great success in their remake attempt,” said Shankar. SAC, who spoke prior to Shankar, lavished praise on his erstwhile assistant director. “Shankar would always abide by his words irrespective of the situation. When I invited him for the function, he readily agreed to come which shows his character,” he said.

Producers Vimalarani and Xavier Britto, music director Vijay Antony, actor Thaman Kumar, actresses Reemma Sen, Bindu Madhavi and Piaa Bajpai and director Sneha spoke at the event.


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