Shalini Ajith is making a dream come back hit

Shalini Ajith is making a dream come back hit

Shalini Ajith is making a dream come back! Ooops, wait a sec! It’s not the movies. We’re talking about her re-entry into the badminton game. Once a dream girl and now Thala Ajith’s wife, Shalini and her cute baby doll Anoushka were spotted at a major state level badminton tournament practicing their shots with the shuttlecocks.It was way back in college Shalini grabbed a badminton racquet in her hands and now it feels like a sort of comeback to the beautiful game.The actress also had her dad Babu, doing a bit of body-guarding for her but that didn’t stop Thala fans to throng the play ground, as they caught a glimpse of Shalu and baby Anu.

Later we caught up with Anu and mommy, who gleefully disclosed, “Well it was on Anu’s and her daddy Ajith’s demand that I am here. Since he couldn’t make it I and Anu decided to attend the tournament together. Anu is really enjoying the game and she is also dropping in regular updates to papa on my game.” When asked how her performance was till now, Is really enjoying “I have taken part in the doubles now and even the mixed doubles round. I hope to grab the top, so let’s keep our fingers crossed”, replied Shalini in full spirits.

 Yeah sure Shalu, fingers crossed.



  1. Smile

    Yes…but actress ellam oru alavukku dhan nadikanum.They should retire when they are on high demand only then people will still remember and respect them.Eg.Jothika,Shalini.When you have no more films in ur hands and then you get married,no one will care.Eg.Simran,Aparna.

  2. CT

    Shameless gross – this one is just an orphan beggar whore given thrown free foofd and space by ajith – we throw free food to all beggars and you fans dont take it seriously. He NEVER allows this one into his family – he always chases this one out of the house to do some work or the other. But you stupid shameless beggars in the public claim nonsense..its a shame Ajith lives in abig brothel. Gross.

  3. Errr.

    It is disgusting to read your comment,Mr. CT. You have no right to speak about another man’s wife even if she is a celebrity,grow up little boy.!

  4. Vasin

    CT enna solraru?

    But don’t say one shouldn’t talk about others’ wives. What happens if everyone does that is husbands become complascent. They would just eat and sleep. Is that good? The same is true vice versa. Tight rules are like communist rules. The society will fail. We have been failing for a long time.

  5. Smile

    @CT.How do u know so much about Shalini?Were you the brothel’s owner or did you hold a lamp for her??Just bec she is an actress,don’t disgrace her like this.Even if a woman is a pros,never disrespect her.Though Shalini acted in films,she never was indecent in any of it.The only person she was talked about with was Ajith who is now her husband.Above of all,she is a mother.So watch ur words.Kai erukunu edhavenumnalum type pannadheenga.

  6. Vasin

    Illa; athukaaga innorthan podati a pathi pesakudathu, aduthavan podati mela aasa padakudathu….nu ellam solla mudiyuma? Hey Ramayanam eppo paaru ethuku edakkave kelvi kekkara?

  7. Vasin

    Adengappa, Smile bold a onnu sollirke! …Just bec she is an actress,don’t disgrace her like this.Even if a woman is a pros,never disrespect her…Prostitution is better than begging which Hinduism and Bhuddism in one way see as a means of securing food for saints so have to take the blame of bringing it into widespread practise. The other point is if men can sleep with many women as is in practise why can’t women?

  8. Smile

    @Vasin….Oho.Ungalukku oru nyayam.Mathavangaluku oru nyayama???Unga pondattiya inoorthan thappa pesina,that’s wrong,unfair.Adhuve neenga senja,rombha punniyum.Asingama illai??Aduthavan pondatiya kan eduthu parthavanuku Garuda puranam padi enna thandanai theriyuma??Yaman’s gauards will thrash u with a spiked mace.The u won’t have a mouth to argue with them as what u r doing to me.

    Edakku madakka kelvi kekkardhu naan illai….neengadhan.

  9. Smile

    @Vasin…i did say respect a pros bec she too is a woman.Avanga manasu nondha podhum orutharoda vamsame azhinjidum.In bengal,for Durga pooja,mud is taken from a whore’s house which is then made into Durga’s idol.So don’t have to look cheap on them.But that does not mean i preach prostitution….Begging as well as Prostitution is equally bad.Ozhaichu sapidanum.   Men or women should not betray their spouses.Sleeping around with someone who is not urs it definitely wrong.Aana aambalainga sabala buthi ullavanga.They seek another woman.That’s why prostitution became a practice.But women are strong willed so they no need such stuff of course there are exceptions.

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