Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to cameo for Simbus Poda Podi

Simbu has all of a sudden shifted his base to Hollywood. Penning the lyrics and singing his Love anthem for World Peace to 13 lac viewers, he is ready to come out with a new Akon version of the track. The actor has been busy mixing up the full track with multiplatinum producer Elan Morrison in Los Angeles.

And surprisingly it doesn’t end there for Simbu! His next release Podaa Podi with Sarath Kumar’s beautiful daughter Varalakshmi in the lead has some fresh updates. Being directed by debutant Vignesh Shivan, producers Gemini Film Circuit got a big surprise yesterday on hearing a Hollywood celebrity to be paid in bulk for her small but significant role in the movie. Infact director Vignesh Shivan himself stated, “There is a scene where the dancers of a reality show are judged on their talent and performance they put up for the show. We are planning to rope in Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to be part of the judging panel.” Simbu will join his team after getting over with his Los Angeles commitment.

Wow! Simbu , what about a cameo dance number by JLO…We’ll just “Dance the night away, live our life and stay young on the floor”



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