Shah Rukh Khans cameo in Rajinis Ra One ?

 Shah Rukh Khans cameo in Rajinis Ra One

Now everyone does know that Thalaivar Rajinikath has done a cameo role for Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie Ra.One. The flick happens to be SRK’s dream project and the actor even called Rajini a “celestial being”    after completing the shoots in Mumbai with the Superstar.

Rajini’s scene in the movie has him playing the much loved ROBOT as he enters in style pumping up a sophisticated vehicle and within a flick puts the goons to shame. But it all happens when King Khan is out of any ammunition to fight back the evil forces making Rajini the Superstar who lends a helping hand to the Bollywood Superhero. Kollywood fans too are equally thrilled to catch both stars sharing the silver screen, as the news of SRK playing a technology obsessed Tamil geek named Shekhar Subramaniam has added to the Diwali delight. Director Venkat Prabhu too joined the party with his jerking comment saying, “It is a Rajini film with Shah Rukh Khan appearing in a guest role for two and half hours.”

Nice one Venkat! The Mankatha man seems to be fully charged after his refreshing vacation abroad.



  1. maegan

    Yaendaa shaaruk padathai Thamizh naatla odavekkirathukku ithu oru technique aadaaa. pongadaaa thuttu kollaiyadikkaatheengadaaa. Vijay is better than Rajnikanth

  2. david billa

    Dei maeganu, kuruvi+sura+vetaikaran+atm=billa(rajini 80″‘s movie).vijay is slightly better than sam anderson that’s all you silly b.

  3. Soola Karuppan

    Vijay is the only person who can replace rajini’s all u Surya fans ..sorry u also need to grow up ( like Surya ) he he

  4. gal

    @Soola Karuppan – did any1 now talk abt surya now? u seem to forget abt atm-vel episode in 2007.. now u’ll see the 7am arivu-velayutham episode in 2011.. villu and ayan; singam and sura; all released within a few months of each other but only surya’s films were able to “do the talking”..

    vijay fans are too much.. even ajith fans behave decently and dun talk much abt other actors, abt these vijay fans comment endlessly on other ppl as if they were paid to comment.. EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE!!

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