Sexy Sona seeks women’s wing leader post in Vijay’s Makkal Iyakkam

Actress Sona

Actress-turned-entrepreneur  had filed a complaint with the police a few days back asking them to help in getting back the huge advance amount she had paid to her landlord (said to be a ruling party strongman). Unaware of the political affiliations of her landlord, Sona had sought assistance from the cops and is now regretting what she did.

Some time back, Sona had hinted that she wanted to align herself with Vijay’s ‘Makkal Iyakkam‘ as a huge fan of Vijay.And had spoke of doing whatever little she could for people’s welfare by joining the actor’s movement. She now appears to be serious in her efforts to join ‘Makkal Iyakkam’.

As a first step, after having  enquire abdout the formalities and modalities in tunring into a ‘full-fledged’ member of the movement. She is planning to meet either Vijay or his father S.A. Chandrasekaran very soon to put forth the request that she be made a member of the movement. She might also seek post of the leader of the women’s wing of the movement, Vijays Fan circle’s reveals.

Such a post would enable her to do her service in a forthright manner, is what Sona claims.  But her urgency in aligning with the movement is actually due to the pressure and threat she is facing from some strongmen from the ruling party. It remains to be seen, however, as to how Sona hopes to ‘solve’ the tangle by aligning with Vijay’s movement.


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