Selvaraghavan – I wish I could have saved my wedding

Selvaraghavan - Sonia divorce

The three year marriage life of top director Selvaraghavan and his actress wife Sonia Agarwal came to end  on March, 2010.

However Selva is not happy after parted their ways it seems. In his recent tweet, the filmmaker has openly confessed – “I wish I could have saved my wedding!!!”

Success doesn’t mean earning more money, being the richest person in the world or winning hundreds and thousands of awards, but a happy family and wining the hearts of friends and every people. Selvaraghavan seems to have realized the truth.

From the way media has presented a picture of Selvaraghavan, he comes across as a creative genius passionate about film making. Selvaraghavan first met Sonia in early 2002, when he signed her up for his path breaking ‘Kadhal Konden’ , opposite his brother Actor Dhanush. The friendship between Selvaraghavan and Sonia Agarwal blossomed into romance. They lived together in the same house without getting married for nealy married and it was on Parents, friends and relatives insistence the marriage was legalised.

There are several sensational reasons on why the couple parted their ways.

In fact, Selva has been a vigorously hyper-active person when it comes to making films. His insatiable passion for filmmaking had indeed diminished his focus towards other aspects of life.

Andrea who made her debut in the Tamil film Pacchaikili Muthucharam was one of the heroines in Aayirathil Oruvan which was directed by Selvaraghavan. During the shooting, Andrea started to move with Selvaraghavan very closely. Selva’s being intimate with Andrea made Sonia anger on him and she started acting in TV Serials later on. But Selvaraghavan didn’t like her acting in serials. This started causing a lot of opinions difference between them and they decided to part their ways.

Apparently, these were the causes behind the couple’s divorce. Now being ditched by Andrea also, much broken down in spirits, Selvaraghavan has confessed his sins in his tweet.

Nothing is too late Selva!!! You can go ahead and have your faith in God. All is well for everyone.



  1. Anonymous

    will he accept Sonia if he romances with a co star ?? Don't understand when men will realize that the morality and chastity applies to males as well and not just limited to girls!

  2. Anonymous

    tats rite……..Nothing is too late Selva!!! You can go ahead and have your faith in God. All is well for everyone……….

  3. Aval.Thaan

    screw him, he cheated on her.. shes a preety girl she can do better! if he doesn't have time for his family, then he should just be single!!!.

  4. Anonymous

    All of you speak as if she was a virgin, and Selevaraghavan spoiled her life.

    Both of them are useless craps,

  5. Anonymous

    This type of people havnt stope enjoy and show sad feeling.. again search another girl enjoy and sad felling. Never stop.

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