Selvaraghavan-Geetanjali expecting a baby

Geetanjali Selvaraghavan pregnant

Geethanjali and Selvaraghavan tied the nuptial knot on July 3rd  2011 the same day that actor Karthi got married to Ranjani. While there was much  hula-hoo about Karthis wedding those who attended Selvaraghavans marriage said that it was a simple and class affair. This was Selva’s second marriage after his break up with Sonia Agarwal in 2009 Sonia and Selva were married for just 3 years after they vowed to remain partners way back in 2006.

Well now Selva is one happy man and he has reason enough to be one. His wife Geethanjali was present alongside him at the Mayakkam Enna audio launch as she was spotted with a baby bump during the gala event. A birdie told us that the news has arrived at a great time when both of them are enjoying a professional and personal high. Till date the couple has kept things private and will share the good news when the time is right, which we assure will arrive soon.

Congos ! to the couple and our hearty blessings for the new kid in town.





  1. anonymous

    hey come on.. july le pregnant aana kooda , 3 months dhane aagi irukum.. this doesnt look like a 3 month bump.. first of all 3 months ku they will not be bump . ena da nadakudhu . anna kum thambhi kum idhe pozhaopa pochu 

  2. hoooooooooo

    exactly..even i was thinking the same and i checked the marriage date for sure she must have become pregnant  beofre marriage itself..this is a shame and not a news to be proud off..

  3. reality talks

    Come on guys an gals.. I am happy she is pregnant.. having sex b4 marriage is no crime!! he got married to her right?? he is an gentleman!! never did they affect ur life right?? eva inga uthami or evan inga uthaman??

    Virginity is not a matter of dignity but a lack of opportunity!!

  4. reality bites

    “Virginity is not a matter of dignity but a lack of opportunity”!! – by reality talks.  

    although copied, very well said!! I like ur comment.

  5. CT

    Shameless prostitute. Another whore. Usless – 5 months preggo – thats why they rushed to the wedding…eww gross.

  6. Smile

    Hey,they haven’t told how many months.Probably she is just 3-4 months now.Bec of obeseity and her loose top maybe it’s giving the impression that she has a 7-8 months belly.We don’t know.It’s not fair to blabber.

  7. Doubts

    Was’nt she showing a baby bump on her wedding reception stills? So many ppl on kt commented she looked she was already pregnant. Still confused…check kt pictures of their marriage & reception stills.. its still thr..

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