Selvaraghavan and Yuvan split again, Yuvan out of Irandam Ulagam

Yuvan Shankar Raja - Selvaraghavan

It appears that music director Yuvan Shankar Raja and director Selvaraghavan have split again, for the second time in two years. The memorable team, which worked together in films like ‘Kaadhal Kondein’, ‘7-G Rainbow Colony’ and ‘Puduppettai’, split during the making of Selvaa’s ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ and Selvaa was quick to replace Yuvan by G.V. Prakashkumar.

The film didn’t exactly scorch the box-office despite a couple of hummable numbers by GVP. Critics didn’t miss out in openly pointing out that had it been Yuvan’s music, the film would have fared much better at the box-office.

The irresistible duo recently patched up in public and the music lovers once again looked forward to films under their combo. However, reports appearing from Kollywood indicate that Selvaraghavan, who is making ‘Irandaam Ulagam’ starring his younger sibling and actor Dhanush and Andrea Jermaiah in the lead, has again replaced Yuvan with G.V.P.

Selvaa was present at throughout Yuvan’s much-publised ‘live-in concert’ that was held early this year. Later, Yuvan also attended Selvaa’s engagement with Gitanjali to which the director had invited only a select few. The duo appeared to have buried the hatchet and was preparing to work together for Selvaa’s ‘Irandaam Ulagam’.

Queries reveal that Selvaa has signed up Shankar Mahadevan for his upcoming tri-lingual film ‘Vishwaroopam’ in which Kamal Haasan is playing the lead. Yuvan who was eagerly awaiting to work with Kamal got disappointed with this act.  Meanwhile Selvaa demanded Yuvan to reduce his fee to score music for ‘Irandam Ulagam’  to which the latter didn’t agree and instead opted to move out of the project, albeit in a friendly manner.

One of the busiest music directors in Tamil films, Yuvan reportedly assured Selvaa that they would soon be working together in a film again as he’s already busy with more that 5-6 films on hand.



  1. Naidu

    Hi Yuvan,

    You will b not paid much in tamil Industry come down to Telugu industry dey wil pay u more than  wat u asked. Dis Tamil Industry dey never pay much to talented people. Stop doing music to tamil films
    & start giving u r music to Telugu movies.

  2. Urvashi

    Great compositions and Lyrics: YSN & NMK

    Oru kal oru kannadi udyamal modhi kondal kadhal  (SMS)

    Kallarayil kooda jannal ondru vaithu undhan mugam parpenadi (Pogathey, from Deepavali)

    Kaatrinil Kizhiyum Illaikalukkellam Kaatridam Gobam Kidyathu… (Kadhal Konden)

  3. manjakaattu maina Yuvan Fan

    Yuvan we love you Yuvan whole South India loves you , the whole India is aiting for Yuvan why Yuvan’s talent  should be highligted  to the whole world.


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