Seeman:Vijay is the sole reason behind AIADMK Victory

Seeman at markandeyan audio launch

Even as debate is raging on to find out the ‘exact’ reason which resulted in AIADMK’s thumping victory in the April 13 elections as well as DMK’s virtual rout, director-actor Seeman has come out with a rather funny explanation of his own.

While Amma believes that the political change was due to the ‘dynasty-style rule’ indulged in by the erstwhile ruling party and the faith people imposed in her party and its allies, Seeman was always claiming that it was the people’s ‘opposition’ to the Congress’ dominance in the State and had welcomed the national party’s heavy defeat in the elections.

Taking part in the audio-launch of ‘Markandeyan‘, a film which would mark the debut ¬†of Sabareesh (son of ‘FEFSI’ Vijayan) as hero, Seeman said that Vijay is ‘solely’ responsible for the change in the political climate in the State and the change of guard. These comments were uttered by him when he wished Sabareesh and Vijayan good wishes for the film’s success.

Bollywood’s Salman Khan and Vijay were present on stage to release the audio-cassettes and CDs of the film. Instead of indulging in some serious talk, Seeman’s comments about Vijay being responsible for the ‘change of political atmosphere’ in the State sounded funny and evoked a fitting reaction from those assembled as a huge laughter greeted his observations.

Facing various problems like prison-term and the accusations by actress Vijayalakshmi, Seeman is best advised to keep mum for the time being in order not to court fresh trouble.


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