Season of actress backing out of committed films

Deepika Padukone-Nandagi-Prachi Desai

It appears to be the latest trend in Kollywood. Actress who commit themselves to do films after signing along the dotted lines appear to be having different thoughts after inking the agreement. The fact that the actress decide to opt out of the film after getting paid the advance amount makes it very difficult for the producers and directors.

Bollywood’s high-profile Deepika Padukone was signed up to play superstar Rajini’s lead in his upcoming film ‘Rana‘ and even shot for a few sequences before Rajini fell ill on the evening of the launch of the film on 29th April. Now that it appears that the shooting is unlikely to commence before two months till the superstar gets back in shape, Deepika has reportedly told her director that she should be informed at least ‘a month’ in advance about the commencement of the shooting to enable her to allot dates.

Actress Nandagi, who debuted in last year’s ‘Aval Peyar Tamizharasi’, was signed by debutant director Siva to play the lead role in his film ‘Karuvaachi’. Even as the shooting was being held in outdoor locations, Kancheepuram-based Nandagi ‘disappeared’ all of a sudden from the shooting spot, sending her director and producer in a tizzy. They have complained to the Producers’ Council against the actress for ‘breach of agreement’ though industry circles attribute ‘some other’ reason for her disappearance.

The latest case of another actress backing out has been that of Bollywood’s latest entrant to Tamil films in the form of Prachi Desai. The slim and svelte actress was signed up to play Arun Vijay‘s heroine in his upcoming film titled ‘Thadaiyara Thakka‘. It is rumoured that she was ‘briefed’ by somebody about the hero’s ways in ‘dealing’ with his heroines and this made her back out even before the shooting started!


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