Kaadhal Saranya

Saranya goes nude for Mazhaikkalam?

Kaadhal Saranya

‘Kaadhal’ Saranya was in the news for all the wrong reasons last year when it was reported that she had gone ‘missing’ from her house. Her ‘disappearance’ affected not only her parents bud did have a bearing on her career too. Saranya, who played debutant Sandhya’s friend in Balaji Sakthivel’s Kaadhal, did a major role in the Jayam Ravi-starrer Peraanmai directed by the national award-winning director S.P. Jananathan.

Though Peraanmai was lauded by critics and enjoyed a reasonable run, Saranya didn’t have many offers coming her way. She, however, might have just landed up the first major film in her career in the form of Mazhaikkalam directed by debutant Deepan. The buzz is that Saranya has agreed to go ‘nude’ for a particular sequence in the film.

As per the script, the story is shown to be occurring in the backdrop of a College of Arts. The script reportedly had a sequence whereby the lead actress would have to strip beyond the ‘basic clothing’ to pose as a model for artists. Many leading actress were offered the role but they refused the offer citing that they can’t go ‘nude’ for the character.

Even in the graphics and trick-shot age, it is strange that actresses are apprehensive of the roles they’re taking on. When pointed out that this particular sequence could be shot using a ‘body double’, the actress who refused the offer reportedly told the director that the common man won’t be knowing about ‘dupe’ and would tend to think that it was the actress who has starred in the sequence.

Saranya’s courageous decision to take on this role has probably upped the originally fixed fee for this particular character. Recently actress Sanjana a.k.a. Pooja Gandhi starred in a semi-nude sequence with no clothing on the front side for a Kannada film, sparking widespread protests all over the State.

We only hope there’s no such opposition to Saranya in Tamil Nadu!


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