Santhanam’s Rs.92 lakh caught in Land Issue


Comedy artist make people laugh through their humor sense. But they too have another side in their life. Actor Santhanam has established himself in the Tamil comedy arena through his different humor sense. He is one among the artist who successfully made a transition from the small screen to the big screen. Currently Santhanam is one of the busiest in the industry.

Santhanam who makes people laugh is now depressed. The reason is same as that what made Vadivelu cry: Land issue.

Santhanam had plans to buy land in the Valasaravakkam area.Chennai. He found a right land in that surrounding and made an agreement for 1.5 crore with the owner of the property and had paid Rs.92 lakhs as advance and promised to pay the rest at the time of registration. As a sign of faith he nothing was documented

And after a week when Santhanam returned back with the balance amount with the registrar along, the Owner has denied the land for the actor,reason: some other party has agreed to pay 3 crores, and making the situation worse for the actor.When the Actor demanded the advance to paid back. The owner is dragging the issue, that he would return the money after land is sold.

Now Santhanam has seeked the help of some important personalities in the Valasaravakkam area, to solve the issue and get his 92 lakhs back. News come out that Santhanam is also spending huge amount to bring this issue to an end.


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