Sameera Reddy to replace Anushka in Kamals Viswaroopam

Sameera Reddy replaces Anushka in Viswaroopam

It is rumoured strongly in Kollywood the sizzling Sameera Reddy is likely step into Anushka’s shoes to replace her as ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Haasan’s heroine in his upcoming film ‘Viswaroopam’. Sameera Reddy, who debuted in Tamil films opposite Suriya in Gautham Menon’s ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’, is slowly but surely increasing her fan base and popularity in Tamil films of late.

‘Viswaroopam’ has been mired in various difficulties ever since the launch of the film announced a few months back. At the outset, Kamal signed up Bollywood’s young sensation Sonakshi Sinha as the heroine. Sonakshi, who waited patiently for a month or so for the film’s shooting to commence, opted out of the film saying that the producer had ‘wasted’ her call-sheet dates.

Selvaraghavan, who was to direct the film, quit during the story-discussion stage citing some ‘misunderstanding’ with Kamal who later decided to direct the film on his own. It was reported a week ago that the lanky Anushka has been signed up as heroine opposite Kamal. The film’s shooting, though, had already started in right earnest and even the first schedule had been completed in a huge set erected for the purpose at a private engineering college on the outskirts of Chennai. Reports now say that Anushka has also opted out of the film.

Why? Anushka’s reported withdrawal at the eleventh hour has apparently upset the crew which was about to leave for Jordan for the second schedule of shooting. Now that a second heroine has exited from the film, Kamal is said to be seriously thinking about casting Sameera Reddy as the heroine.

Surely, you haven’t heard the last word about the casting!



  1. Vasin

    Kamal obviously has the typical problem most who don’t have conventional education has; he always betrayed this ‘hey look at me’ attitude; always worried about others outshowing him; thus none of his co actors get good roles; they are always made to look rather inadequate. Kamal is a bastrd.

  2. HT

    I have never been kamal fan…. his latest Manmatha Ambu was a real waste of money and time. Its not worth all the hype!

  3. Smile

    Kamal would have asked for lip-lock scenes to be included which would have provoked Anushka to bid adieu.Something is wrong with Vishwaroopam and heroines.Perhaps they shouldn’t have one.If Sameera fails,the next is Shriya.I am sure she must be waiting to join this film.She will surely give her “best” performance….

  4. Vasin

    Beautiful nu solrathe Anushka ku konjom athigam; nee vera allur athu ithu nukittu! Her face looks like flower pot filled with sand and wiped atop.

  5. Smile

    @Vasin….You and ur descriptions!She is pretty in the still in that green saree.Rub ur eyes and see properly.

  6. Vasin

    I am not so strong in English but the term ‘allure’ a kaanthom pola powerful a kavarra onnuku than use pannuvanga. Anushka pretty but not so magnetic.

  7. DK

    Kamal cant survive any more in the industry..once upon a time my most favourite…was devastated to know his anbesivam,guna,pammal k sambandham,panchatantram,virumandi,alavandhan, n many many more are not original stories..inspite of all he yaps so much n acts he is the best respect towards him is hit rock bottom..shame on u kamal!

  8. Fan

    hey Vasin…did u watch Kurudhi Punal..and what a role Arjun is given ..and Kamal took a negative role there…dun use unparliamentary words here..

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