Samantha Slaps fan at Tirupathi

Samantha not in a good mood
Samantha not in a good mood

Earlier it was Genelia at a showroom opening in Vijayawada and Shriya Saran at Chennai who were made victims. Now the cherubic beauty Samantha has fallen prey to indecent activities by some perverted fans.

Samantha recently visited the temple city of Tirupathi for a Shopping Mall inauguration function. Howsoever even after assuring the actress with tight security as always the personnel present could not handle the pressure when the area was swamped by crazy fans as soon as the actress stepped out of her car.

Some lustful youngsters extended their hands to touch the actress and amongst them one crazy hooligan grabbed his hands across her waist. The actress reacted with a tight slap in return to her so called ‘fan’, for pulling out his cheap act and walked out of the venue soon.

It’s high time that those responsible are taken to task.

We should voice out our opinions loud and let’s not make our beautiful women feel that looking good is a curse in itself.



  1. g

    THey are making lot of money in films, still they are greedy to grab all other sources of ancillary revenues.

    Most of these kind of articles are written in a manner to get sympathy over these ladies, but its not reported how this so called beauties dressed and behaved.

    IF they dress appropriately, the so called fans also would not been intrigued.

  2. Indian

    They are not doing anything illegally. They act in movies and make good money; they are also exploring other legal venues to make money.

    It doesn’t matter how they dress should not give any right to the so called perverts to touch these ladies

  3. Randy

    Definitely, while going to temple, she might have properly dressed…It’s not creating sympathy..but the real fact…

    While doing darshan, the guys should not behave like this.

  4. guy

    Mr.g, they are not doing anything illegal to make money.. Wat if they make money thru inaugurating a shopping mall? Is it something disgusting that someone shld neva do? It’s fast bucks and any1 would love quick cash tat comes in a legal way! Pls see actresses as fellow human beings too! U did not even see how she dressed at the function and how could u jus pass such a comment tat if she dress properly the fan would not have been tempted? Pervet guys will always remain pervet, no matter how gals dress up!

  5. aditi

    It is stated clearly that she was inaugurating some shopping mall.. And it did not state she was going to a temple.. And its her birth right to dress however she wants, its not a mans birth right to grab a girl however worse her dressing may be.. And wearing saree (the so called decent dress) does not make any difference. According to various researchs and studies, it is proved that saree is the sexiest dress of all.. So if she had worn a saree instead of an assumed skin showing dress, the situation would hav been worse.. Do not blame people just to support one clumsy clan !
    HEll with u guys!

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