Relief for Arya fans

Rumors not true says Arya
Rumors not true says Arya

Rumors were afloat that Arya met with an accident on a road trip from Bangalore to Chennai. However the star has lashed out on all those gossip mongrels for making up such cheap stories and called all rumors genuinely “baseless”.

The said rumor was hot topic among the fans and many were really concerned for their hero.Ardent followers were mislead to think that their hero was taken away too early so much so, that the actor was flooded with frantic calls only to be confirmed that he is doing well.

Finally we can assure you with some good news that the actor is in Periyakulam as of now engaged in the shoot of his latest venture i.e. director Bala’s movie Avan Ivan.

That’s some relief for all Arya fans.



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