Read Trishas Love letter to Dream Man


We surely don’t know if Trisha is in love for real or is it just another public gimmick but here is what she feels about romance and her dream man.

“Romance is a beautiful experience. You have to personally experience it. There is always a saying that romance will change a person upside down. They will transform a lot. I have seen many people like that. But I am a little sensible person. It is true that I am not able to fall in love so easily. Till now I am not able to love.

So you might be thinking that how was it possible to write this letter. So in case if I fall in love, I have written an imaginary love letter on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Is it alright?


Haai Da,

When I went to sleep last night, I had a dream. Simply super dream Da. There was a heavy mist. I was feeling that I have got trapped in that mist alone. I don’t know where I was. I was keeping on searching for you. Every body face I saw seems to be new to me. Then only I saw you.

Even in the dream you looked so handsome Da. With your favorite usual smile, you pulled my hand towards you. I was feeling like flying in the clouds because of your warm hook. I felt like the stars telling, Happy love Trisha. Suddenly I woke up. Then only I felt all these are a dream. There is no chance. You are my boy. I am bored up with shootings. Take me some where. Only you, I and the moon should be there. You know one thing man. You are in all places.

Your sweet voice is always in my ears. Your smile is everything for me. I will complete the shooting and come soon. We both can walk in the beach. Darlo, I love you so much.

Hugs and kisses

Well we hope the one you are talking about surely comes running to you after this one Trisha. Hugs and kisses from the gang of kollytalkers.



  1. karthik

    oh i don no y she s doin lyk tis i hav told her many time 2 nt 2 rite lov letter 2 me again she doin the same thing……… sorry trisha m nt intrested n tis………………

  2. dilip

    a worst love letter ever..sure some fool who doesn know english has written this and gelled it with trisha to make a news out of it.. if u do not really have news about cini people, you can might as well put up info about other strems..people will benifit from that…

  3. Maads

    Dear Trisha,

             Thanks for your Dream abt me. What the surprise is the same dream i 2 got. But days are                 near to the dreams come true. Take a Break of ur hefty schedules. Sure I wil take u some where ,
      so that i  will b the only man in the earth to have two moons near me.

    expecting u soon…

    ur dream boy from dubai

  4. Vasin

    Yeah. Not only the English hardly fits someone who went to Church Park and Ethiraj, it sounds a chord consisting familiar smaller chords..

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