Ravi Krishna – Kamalini in love

Ravi Krishna - Kamalini Mukherjee in love

Ravikrishna, the younger son of producer A.M. Ratnam tried his luck in a few Tamil films after debuting as hero with Selvaraghavan’s romantic musical ‘7-G Rainbow Colony’ a few years back.

Yuvan’s amazing music and Selva’s treatment resulted in the film becoming a superhit. Ravikrishna, though, couldn’t stabilize his position afterwards.

The latest buzz doing rounds is that Ravikrishna and Kamalini Mukherjee (who played Kamal’s heroine in ‘Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu’) have become a ‘hot love pair’. The duo, who has acted as the lead pair in the telugu film ‘Brahmanandam Drama Company’,  started off slowly and are reported to be proceeding at a ‘brisk pace’ in their ‘love machine’.

The reported affair between them, which was kept under close wraps, is said to be out in the open now as the love-struck pair hasn’t been able to continue to love each other in a ‘hidden mode’. Ravi Krishna is a Telugu guy and Kamalini is a Bengali and are said to be facing stiff opposition from their parents who oppose their marriage tooth and nail.

The ever-so-casual Ravikrishna, though, doesn’t appear to be paying heed to any of those opposition and is reportedly telling his friends and others that “He would succeed in his ‘affair’ with Kamalini, get married to her and would then stage a ‘comeback’ in films as a rejuvenated person!”



  1. Anonymous

    lovely but the parents are stupid, all the parents need to care about is if they are indian not different languages.lolz

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous 1: ur stupid. wat if they are not indian??. ppl of diff nationalities shouldnt get married? btw there is no such thing as indian. Poeple are just citizens of India. India is just a union, like the European Union.

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