Ranjithas neighbours compel her to vacate the apartment

Ranjitha shows Karpoora Arathi to Nithyananda
Ranjitha shows Karpoora Arathi to Nithyananda

Nine Months after the alleged sex scandal involving her with self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda broke out, actress Ranjitha made her first public appearance on December 30, 2010 (Friday) and denied she was the woman in the much-hyped video, contrary to Nithyananda’s admission to Karnataka CID interrogators in April 2010 that during her stay at his Bidadi ashram for more than a year, he ‘had sex with her many times’.

Claiming that she had been made a scapegoat because she was a celebrity, the actress said she had started visiting the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam on the outskirts of Bangalore a little over a year ago after she was impressed by the yoga, meditation and other spiritual activities taking place in the ashram.

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However, the very next day, the actress attended the 34th birthday of Nithyananda on January 1st, 2011 Saturday. She also took part in Anandotsava programme, held as part of the birthday celebrations, and showed Karpoora Aarathi to Nithyananda who was dressed up like God Perumal. (See the Picture).

Recently Ranjitha is said to have moved into a new apartment in Chennai, T.Nagar. Though she could manage to hide herself inside the room during the day time in the beginning, few residents located her indeed. Following that the neighbours of Ranjitha’s new rental residence have strongly opposed her for staying there and compelling her to vacate the house immediately.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a resident said, “Yes. We have requested Ranjitha to Vocate the house immediately as the residents of the apartment are reputed family women and her stay may create unwanted problems”.



  1. naanga madurai karngyadaa

    kadul irukkannu soldran paru avenna namballam… kadaul illanu soldran paru avanaum nampallam… AANA NAAN THAN KADAULNU SOLDRAN PARU INTHA MATHIRI PORIKIYA NAMPAVEY KUDATHU………………………….

  2. RAVIN

    this as*hole is saying tat he is god and all the stupid b**ches believe it??!! get a life ppl!! go and take care of ur family first!! if u die tomoro, it’s ur family who will suffer!! this guy cant bring u back alive dude!!

  3. Prata

    no human can become or say that he is god. because simple as that humans can never become god no matter who which swami he is. People please dont be stupid and believe and pray to all these people. Humans are Humans we have all our faults that makes us human thats why we are humans. We can never become gods. or even claim to be great as god. 

  4. Prata

    and i dont understand why they are asking her to vacate please show some pity. family women or not everyone has sex to give birth to children so even they had sex she had sex. its all happeneing just because of that u shldnt ask her to vacate.

  5. Ram

    The real god is a person who earns more money & spend to poor people like those who don’t have food to eat or were to cloth who is offering to them is a god, Example : our Makal Thilagam M.G.R and other’s.

    blody Nithananda is not a god he is a sexual human……

  6. Citizen

    Y dont u let her stay at ur house…..maybe ul be very happy when a new video is released from ur house of some other ahole walkin in the night for her services ! I think all ppl who live with dignity will want some trash lik this out of their way ! She is an actress, she can do anything and get away with it ! Normal middle class people can’t do that, their family dignity is their biggest asset, once tht is lost, they have lost evth….so stop feelin sorry for her, as clearly she is not shedding a drop of tear !!!!!

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