Ranjitha writes her life experience in book- ‘How to survive a Scandal?’

Ranjitha writes her life experience in book- 'How to survive a Scandal?'

The Sex swami Nithyananda is back in his Ashram undeterred by the court or the police or the CBI. Looks like the Infamous Swamiji has closed the cases against him by sheer wave of his hands. Now that he is back pretending as he was for ever as a spiritual guru, the scandal hit Tamil actress Ranjitha is back again in the news.

The actress was interviewed by the popular Newspaper and she was seen with her own self made pose answering questions without any discomfort. She announced that she was writing two books, one is a self help book on how to cope with scandals, and another a fiction.

She said she was in contact with few publishers who were interested in releasing her book very soon.

Ranjitha’s book titled   “How to Survive a Scandal”, is drawn from personal experience she said. further more, she also said, ”I am writing this book based on my experience in the past 6 months, and there are so many people out there feeling traumatized and suicidal”. ” My book will help people come to terms with personal problems”.

According to the actress, the book will focus more on helping youngsters to face the toughest moments in their life.

The Swami is back making amendments to retrieve back his glory at his Bangalore ashram, sitting amidst fire meditating, while here she is the lady behind all this scandal writing a book to clean her tarnished image for good.

 Still one cant however dismiss that fact that maybe Ranjitha is trying to cash in on this scandal. Whatever it is, when the book comes out we will know the real emotions with which she says she took up this matter.

Ranjitha also has decided to do services to people, but what kind of service we don’t know.



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