Ranjitha Nithyananda

Ranjitha sues Kanchi for scandalous ‘Nithyananda’ remark

Ranjitha Nithyananda

Tamil actress Ranjitha grabbed headlines with the Nithyananda MMS scandal. Almost after 2 months the sleaze tape hit online platforms on March 2010, she came out in the open denying any possible occurrence of her meeting Swamiji. She even sent notices to Google.com asking them to remove the clips, claimed to be false and malicious.

Saying it was just a body double trick; Ranjitha breathed a sigh of relief as she thought everything was over and done. To her shock last week Kanchi Jayendra Sarasawathi, dug further into the matter in a public interview. The Kanchi seer went public saying that Ranjitha is in the good company of Swami Nithyananda ji. Kanchi’s unsavory comments caused brought “immense agony and stress” to poor Ranjitha who took to the courts to set things right. The actress has filed a defamation case against Kanchi Jayendra for his unforgivable act at the Egmore Magistrate Court. Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistratre P Ravindran heard the complaint, as the actress justified that she was holding a respectable position in the society and the comments are damaging to her image. Kanchi Jayendra Sarasawathi makes a court appearance today, as the case was adjourned for May 16th, soon after registering the complaint.


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