Ranjitha black mailed Nithyananda with the Video for 50 Crores

Ranjitha's Involment in the Nithyanadana Sex Scandal Video

A sting operation by  Nakeeran and a SUN TV  revealed the spiritual leader Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda in an alleged sex scandal with a Tamil actress.Was actress Ranjitha herself behind the making of the sex video between Swami Nithyananda and herself? Well this is the latest rumor that is making round. According to some sources from Chennai who know Ranjitha personally, she was the one who made the video and wanted to blackmail the swami.

But unfortunately the video fell into the hands of some other persons who sold the video at a hefty price to the Sun network and the Nakeeran news.

Now coming to the point, A tamil weekly magazine wrote some reasons for this suspicion
After entering the room, Ranjitha touches the feet of Nithyananda and closes the room.Starts with love making and around 5 mins later as per the video , When Swami tries to switch off the light, she tries to avoid that. ( you can chk in this video 1 click here)
Day 2 she tries corrects mistake done in Day1, and turns to switch on the dim light before pairing up. But where all these well planned and executed to black mail the swamy.

Now here is the latest Kumudham reporter reveals that Ranjitha and another swamiji (???) Dharmananda who stayed in the same ashram were involved in this hidden camera shooting. The footage was shot using a imported motion detecting camera from the United States.

Behind scenes
Initially this secret video deal started with the amount of Rs.50 crores and Half of the share was bargained for Dharmanandha and his Brothers.  But swamiji’s side didn’t agree for  50 crores as they felt it was much. But Dharmanandha had claimed, 50 was not an issue for a person who has 1000 crores.Finally both parties seem to have settles for 15 crores, but Swami’s side underestimated that with political support they enjoyed , they could knock the opposite side even without giving a single penny.When Dharmananda  and group came to know the intention’s of the Swami, they went on to sell the CD to the outside world.

Ranjitha’s secret involvement in this hidden camera is now getting public and also all the efforts from swami’s side trying to suppress this issue have gone in vain.

Ranjitha  made a statement in which she says
“I made a mistake in this matter. I should have handled this matter without allowing third party deal.”
She  has also apologized to swami and is now staying in the Bangalore Ashram.

Finally Swami’s sexual interest and Ranjitha’s money Greediness earned nothing more than 10 mins pleasure for them , but a good gossip talk for all tamilians

The media condemned and exaggerated this matter with a good  intention that a person who is  workshiped at par to god  by around 45 lakh devotees should not have done what he did not preach, and to expose his dark face to the outside world. It is true he did not practice what he taught.  Also this was retaliation to what the actors joined and spoke against the journalist in Oct 2009.

The last man to enter the scenes , our own CM Kalaignar condemns very late after all damage is done ,as usual saying “It’s unfair practice to publish, such issues that make people emotional in magazine and media without the approval of the government” .He has to certainly condemn today, who knows tomorrow another video of his own party man may be out, this is a signal if any such thing comes you need to report to me first. And i will make the deal.

Nithyananda’s Followers claim it is a morphed video, and the Swami’s Advocate has cleared the air of the possibilities of arrest , Unless no women file’s a complaint , there is no chance of arresting swamiji. But seems Kovai Police are too serious following a complaint given by Viswanthan from kovai, and have filed two cases under IPC 295(Hurting religious sentiments) and IPC 420(Indulging in Fraud) against Nithyananda

Even while all this is happening, here is another actress ( Ragasudha’s mother KR Vatsala) who is closely linked with swamiji and having introduced many actress to the swamiji, found nothing wrong in this. She cries out ” Nothing wrong took place, It was Krishna Meera Paravasa Nilai what you saw. Did prostitution happen? Ranjitha pressed swamiji’s Legs with devotion . She fed swamiji with food, tablets and went on to feel the paravas nilai with swamiji. Do you know how many women are awaiting a chance like this to present themselves to swamiji, and to attain the paravasa nillai.
No words to comment  on this.

This is not going to be the end of this scandal, if proper investigation are carried, a lot more hidden news could be dug. But Panam Padhalam varai paayum, wait and See.

Lesson to be learnt   no human is god, irrespective of religions. Still naan Poli samigala nambuvennnu sonna.. Ungala thadukkava mudiyum. Have a great day.

While you have watched all Swami’s Scandal video, watch this clip is an extract from SWAMIJI’s speech during the Kadavai Thira Katru Varattum series



  1. Anonymous

    i dont understand why they would ever need a complaint filed against this guy to arrest him… he is doing what a "Swami" should not do morally…(by the way please dont refer to him as "Swami", it only makes the word meaningless)… and that itself is against all morality… there should be a law which makes these things illegal… if someone breaks the law, death sentence should be issued… cheating in terms of beliefs and emotions is a far greater sin than cheating money….

  2. Anonymous

    this f**king a$$h0** should be straight away sentenced to death… People in India are so patient that they can take all these non-sense happening around..

  3. Anonymous

    i am hearing to him for the first time, talks with so much experience. Atleast for speaking he needs to gather experience.nothing wrong

  4. Anonymous

    Ok, I watched the video again, it is hard for me to believe that this vid was setup by her. I think there is definitely third party involved in shooting of this vid, maninly because she gives him a blow job while this video was being shot. I don't believe she would have done this while knowing someone is shooting a video, just because she is an actress having some public support although she may be a whore in her lifestyle. For sure somebody made some hefty cash for selling this to Nakeeran and Sun. I doubt she made anything from this. Last I heard is that she is trying to commit suicide. Will the truth ever come out?

  5. Anonymous

    If you watch the video, you can see her trying to kiss him and he is sitting like a statue. Why this woman is so desperate. Why could not see find a better man to sleep with. He looks like a monkey and how could you even go near him.

  6. Anonymous

    all atma who born have some dust covered or karma to clear except avathar. nityananda have dust too but far less than average human, that is why he became a guru, same like a secondary school maths teacher teach secondary students maths eventhough he is not a maths professor.while millions of youths in india of his age stand in the street wooing for average girls, see a actress worship him like god. this is the power of yoga,meditation and sprituality. so guys instead of running after girls,go and do meditation and yoga who knows trisha and shreya will become your fan and press your leg.

  7. Ramesh Chandran

    When he was believed as GOD, i cared a Sh*t, and now … he is defientely a god for me …LOL

    Guys, why do you blame him? are we not supposed to blame the idiots who believed him????

  8. Anonymous

    All over the world the religious persons should be hanged in public for any of their mis deeds against religions. Moreover man kind needs only good sheperds not the swamijis like nithyanandha.
    god can be realised only by pure and selfless living. If people happen to see a swami with great decorations they can makeout they are fraud. Real godman will never expose himself.

  9. Anonymous

    Without knowing the truth, no one should give a comment. The fact is that by
    showing the video, the TV channels have confused the public by creating doubts about even real spiritual leaders. Hence the sin is more committed by the TV channels. There are still real and truthful spiritual leaders and they are doing wonderful service to the Society. Otherwise our country would have become worse than western countries without any morals in life. Unfortunately, there is a powerful section of the Public to tarnish spirituality and the sanatana Dharma. Since all the values are getting degenerated, this section is trying to exploit the situation. People should be cautious about those people, who hate spirituality in the same way they should be careful in choosing truthful spiritual teachers. Spiritual teachers, who are genuine, also should be careful in admitting new persons into their fold without knowing their real intentions. There are crooks among the self-proclaimed devotees also.

  10. Anonymous

    The video is very shocking, if it is true. Now-a-days, we cannot believe the
    journalists, TV professionals also. There are fake Sanyasis and there are fake
    journalists also. But the general public have got a tendency to adore the Cinema actors and actresses. To many of them they are the modern Gods and Goddesses. Because the adoration, some of these celebrities also tend to behave the way they want. Their image is never tarnished even if they do anything against the accepted norms of the society. The society and the younger generation is very much influenced by the celebrities. The directors are very much responsible to spoil the young minds by taking a lot of sensational and titillating scenes in various cinemas and the result id that the young minds are carving to see such kind of scenes. This desire is very much exploited by the TV channels and hence they are waiting for such an opportunity to telecast such things making the people belive that these scenes are reality-shows. Overall the society really wants such libidinous materials from the TV and they do not want to preserve the morality in life.
    Otherwise the TV channels would not have telecast for a number of days such
    sleazy things without first verifying the truth. Their idea is to bring down the citadels of spirituality in India and to import the western permissive and promiscuous culture to our Baharat Desh. India is crumbling with its values and what is the contribution by journalists and TV anchors to preserve the values ?

  11. Anonymous

    To both "Anonymous" above dd. March 11/14…..

    While I agree with your comments regarding the media being involved in certain instances, publishing or getting attention for the sake of reporting and determining/verifying the facts.

    You'll need to understand that this is not one of those cases. The media had taken proper measures to ensure the validity of the recordings and its source before publishing it to the public. They have done this to ensure the public awakens before it is too late. Even if they have other motives in doing so, this sort of so-called Swami need to be brought to justice, be it in the court of law or in the hall of the public.
    India and Sanadhana Dharma has stood challenges for centuries from outside attacks and survived it. It will not crumble now or in the future but, bogus Swamis such as these will erode the faith of Hinduism and its believers by using Vedas,Upanishads, etc. scriptures as their source of teaching and building empires for their personal comforts.
    These Swamis need to be taught a lesson not to take the general public and their faith/trusts for granted. Nithyananda and so-called Swamis of his type will need to be made an example so that in future others who even think of such ideas of know better.
    In my opinion, the TV media has done the right thing to publicize and expose such culprits, in a timely manner. Had this recordings gone to the police instead of the media, I shiver to think what the outcome would have been…even now look at the tussle of the file transfer is between TN and Karnataka police force.

  12. Anonymous

    The person who has written this article is irresponsible to malign a person without any facts. It is unfortunate that an upcoming magazine like yours should write something totally baseless and untrue. Its is people like you who have no humanity or ethics that cause more damage to the society by wilfully twisting facts just to fill up your pages.

  13. Diwakar

    Ranjitha has now come out with a press conference in Bangalore. She has alleged hidden hand of Christian Missionary behind Lenin. After the release of the faked CD, she regrets that the reporters have not cared to examine the news but made hasty reports in scandalous augur. Ranjitha has now sought assurance from the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to give full protection to her and her family members and in that case has assured to name the blackmailers in the open.

  14. Harihar Pattnaik

    Black mailing a religious Guru is very easy and simple job now days with sexy actions. Osho Rajnish guiding light to Nirvan through Tantric sex is blamed and black mailed by his disciples. Why not Swami Nithayanand ji the younger Guru than any other contemporary gurus who are. Trying to keep their name at the Top list can go to any extent to harm and reduce his light there by the Dharma and people universally.

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