Rana Daggubati Trisha

Rana’s family opposed to having Trisha as daughter-in-law

Rana Daggubati  Trisha

It was reported in these columns some time back that Trisha and Tollywood’s Rana Daggubati have been ‘close friends’ for the past many months. The Telugu press carried news item claiming that the duo even got ‘engaged’ to each other at a secret and simple ceremony attended only by the relatives and friends of both the families.

Thouth neither Rana nor Trisha have openly acknowledged their relationship in public, they have been spotted hanging out and enjoying each other’s company at many places in the recent past. Reports trickling from Hyderabad now say that relatives and members of Rana’s family are not so much ‘in favour of’ having an actress as the bahu (daughter-in-law) of the family.

In a set of photographs shot for the photoshoot of a magazine, Trisha and Rana had posed getting intimate with each other, giving rise to speculations that they were planning to take their relationship to the ‘next’ level. Rana hails from a very healthy family and is the grandson of producer and film-maker D. Ramanaidu. Rana is also related to Telugu stars Venkatesh and Nagarjuna.

Rana’s parents reportedly are against their son planning to lead the rest of his life with an actress. Unconfirmed reports say that they have advised him strongly against marrying her and bringing her home as their bahu.



  1. HP

    not to be rude of anything but i feel that though trisha is hot, pretty and cute, but it will not be a very good choice to have as a daughter-in-law. this is not because of her acting…..but because she has soooo much of bad habit off-screen such as getting into trouble after drinking……she a party animal so on……sorry to trisha fans…..i still like the trisha on-screen rather than the off-screen one 🙁

  2. Surya Fan

    well Jyo and her sister nagma were also like that – but luckily for Jyo – Surya is a Gay – so it was a perfect safe haven for her. Not sure about Rana – is he Gay as well?

  3. jangri

    I agree with HP.it’s difficult for a decent family to accept her as their dil.Nagma might be one such party animal but I don’t think Jo was like that.she was decent off-screen.

  4. aravind

    Ellam sari… Rana mattum party porathu elliya…the thing is Rama Nadiu family has assests more than 5000 crores and they r one of the most richest families in AP…they would like do have gal for Rana from one of the richest family in AP..thats all…

  5. jangri

    yup maybe as what aravind says that also could be a reason..they want a very rich girl for their son.apadi partha ntr family or allu family la erunthu than ponnu edukanum…

    aambala party pona paravayilla,pombala pogakudathu…

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