Ramlath tries to commit suicide


Prabhu Deva seems to be in never ending controversy with his wife Ramlath.

Initially Ramlath challenged his statement and said she had enough documents to prove she is still his wife.

Recently after reports resurfaced that he denied her as his wife she has resorted to taking sleeping pills and attempted to commit suicide.

Close sources mention she is very much devastated after Prabhu’s  recent statement on their marital relations. However, she was  saved by her relatives.

Prabhu Deva seems entangled in sleepless nights these days with so much stress in his relations and is planning out ways to fight the case legally.

As predicated Ramlath’s suicide note had Nayanthara’s name on it.

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  1. Vasin

    Your first statements are alright but why do you try to cause split between Prab & Nayan? You don’t love someone after ticking boxes. She fell in love for some reason. We Indians never get anything right including love, sex, food, drink, smoke, style, suit, shoes or anything. Except for we doing coding in Java we are still not equal to Brits lived in times of Industrial Revolution. Shut Up.

  2. Manik


  3. Awsome Reader

    Prabhu asshole. whats your f in problem u asshole. ban this nayanthara from TN send her to Kerela to do bit movie

  4. shaam

    everybody knows about nayan.. she already do with simbu all people knows that v see in youtube if she is a true lover means y dont she marry simbu before? she is an time passer .. but one thing i like to tell if prabu is honest man means he should not leave her wife ramlath coz she is from other community she sacrifise her community for the true love…for this wat prabu goin to do i dont no….! god give us 6sense u know the last sixth sense is use thing n deside….if this people has six sense they ill …

  5. Vasin

    @Rohini. Mature discussion? Shut up you idiot. If you plead your boyfriend or husband could he get it up? Then you would blame he can’t do it! Once you loose your man you have lost him. forget him and move on. Let him live and you start preparing for your second life. Lath should have tried – Mature Discussion – all before Prab started sneaking aroud with Nayan.

  6. Vasin

    Physical growth stops at 20 not psychlogical growth. May be Lath didn’t grow after marriage. This happens with our girls. After marriage they think it is settled; so relax. Never. They have to improve or maintain almost all aspects that made them attractive to their partners. I don’t think Lath looked so poor as she is now when she married Prab. She may have been eating 6 times a day since she married and wouldn’t have walked up to the grocer to fetch stuff. She is paying for it now. 

  7. Vasin

    Yeah. Fight. But fight to get some relief. Not Prab. He is not yours. Forget him. Get trained in some skill and find a job.


    ramalath  pls leave it prabu  you headace for him .THEY ARE NICE PAIR.YOU FACT KUNDDU  HOT GOOD,YOU VERY BAD BADM BAD

  9. Vasin

    Yeah. Rohini’s idea sounds like hanging on Marina with a fleshy bait to catch a big fish. That is her idea of Love. she is disgusting. You get smitten. By appearance or action or by anything. You go after the girl. You throw yourself unconditionally to her. That is love. It is same for the girl too.

  10. Final Judgement

    No one has right to tell anything.

    SIMBU only used Nayan to get publicity and throwed like a trash, she felt in love with prbahudeva,its not an issue.

    Age doesnt matter here, 

    If prabhudeva divorces his wife ,whts the problm with u guys,dont be a moral police .
    Even after 2 yrs he divorces nayan its no wonder.Its there life.

    Its better to live alone instead of living with a not so caring person.

  11. mayire

    Ade paavingela…Adetheavan family perachanai namekke ethukke…Y dont prabhudeva just maintain both…nayan for “ottai” ramlath for “valkai”……

  12. fan

    though what nayan doing  is wrong, but antha naaikku pasanga irunthu avan porana….then ivala vida, avana thaan kedu kettai jenmam….we know all heroines are whore, they’ll go to anyone for anything…

    If you are not comfortable with your wife, apply divorce then go with nayan or any nai publicly…not b4 divorce..u stupid…

  13. NUTTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    culture culture???????????????whatz culture??????unga pakkathu veetla nadantha ..moodikitu irukinga…oru kelavan oru 20 vayasu figure crt pana ungaluku yen pa ivalo kovam?????????ITS DEIR PERSONAL ISSUE…SO  U PPL MIND UR OWN F**KING BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Vasin

    Prab and Lath are not my favourites but…

    Just think about what is going to happen if the courts and society splits Prab and Nayan and force Prab to live with Lath. Prab, Lath and children will go through hell. Ofcourse Nayan can after a brief period find someone else. Instead if Prab and Nayan are not disturbed the problem is narrowed down to Lath. If the society cares so much for Lath it can help her rebuild her career and life. The children will have a quiet home; a home with no tension.

    Hey guys many of you seem to be unmarried; lack life experience and progressive attitude. Many of you don’t know how it feels if your parents argue everyday or don’t talk to each other normally. Thats why you try to force Prab and Lath to be together again.

  15. Shreya's yoga Master

    true!! all commited girls thinks they are settled their glam is over after marriage but no. they should work out to maintain their figure and stop they man looking at other bitches

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