Ram Gopal Varma comments on Rajnikanth


Ram Gopal Varma had been targeting Chirajeevi’s antics for a long time;but we have not yet been able to arrive at a conclusion if he really was for him or against him as his statements were vaguely instable. All of a sudden he would be praising him and the very next day he would pass sarcastic comments on the actor’s performance.

Well it looks like the camera is zooming against Rajnikanth now. Many would think twice, rather a hundred times before commenting on Rajnikath.

We are still not sure if it was a comical gesture RGV made as he went on to say
Rajnikanth smoked a cigarette and the cigarette got lung cancer”!

On his Twitter account by the name RGVzoomin.

Seems RGV is trying his desperate best to get all the attention as the date for his venture Ratha Charithram is nearing.

Was this really a calculated move?

Have a look below for the details from his twitter account……..



  1. sandy

    dai  ni  avane  vechi  comedy pannirukke,  punde    unna pathi terinjiko da  1st,  ennavo  periya mayir madri scene  ah  podre  ungothaaaaaaaa

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