Rakhta Charitra 2 poster worries Surya


Surya has been garnering much attention for his upcoming release Rakhta Charitra 2 but the latest buzz is that the actor is a little worried regarding the poster of the movie being circulated around which made a cheeky comparison of him with the Mega star Rajinikanth .

The punch line to the poster reads as ‘After Robot The Rajini, Its Suriya The Ghajini’. Having a critical look at the rhyme we thought is it any worth comparing a God to a disciple?

The director apparently received a lot of comments after the poster met the eyes of Rajini fans who have been troubling RGV quite religiously as expected.
Surya faced troubles too and had to ask Ram Gopal Verma to remove the poster since it was affecting all the positive feedbacks the movie has been gathering. The changes have been incorporated as soon as possible.

Lets hope everyone concentrates on the movie now and forget the poster.This incident brings into light how much a poster can affect a movie promotion.

Who knew RGV’s efforts to expand Surya’s fan base  would bring along so much over the top negative attention. A surprising shock for Surya nevertheless.



  1. Sanju

    Rajni, may not be a god, but he is a senior who has got experience of surya’s age. So the poster will be a negative force for surya’s sucess in RC.

  2. sandy

    mayir madhiri  think pannadhinga da deee,   film  hit avanumna  ennavenalum kudupinga da neenga  naadharinglaaa

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