Rakhi Sawant says she forgave Dhanush for being Rajini’s son-in-law


Bollywood ‘item girl’ Rakhi Sawant has said that she has forgiven actor Dhanush for not turning up at a dance event as promised. She added that she has high regards for superstar Rajinikanth, father-in-law of Dhanush and decided to forgive Dhanush for being the son-in-law of one of her ‘most favourite actors’.

The Why This Kolaveri di.. number from Dhanush’s latest film 3 became a super-duper hit worldwide. An event was organized in Mumbai recently wherein Dhanush was to dance alongside Rakhi Sawant for the popular number. Speaking to newsmen yesterday, Rakhi said that “I was very excited to dance with Dhanush for the Kolaveri song but was hugely disappointed when he failed to turn up for the event.

“It was nothing but a breach of trust by Dhanush. I’d have been very happy had I had the opportunity to dance with him for the song. However, I have put the incident behind me. I was indeed angry when the event didn’t take place. Now I have decided to forgive him. “

“I have high regards for Rajini Sir. For this single reason, I have decided not to take the matter any further or seek compensation. In fact, I’d like to wish Dhanush the very best as he is all set to enter Bollywood soon,” said Rakhi.


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