Rajinis Rana to undergo change in its Tamil spelling?

Rajini Rana Stills

Sources close to director K.S. Ravikumar say that the director has asked the print media to use the Tamil spelling of his upcoming film ‘Rana’ by using the ‘soft’ ‘na’ in ‘Rana’ instead of the other one. This has been done as per numerology and he wants the media and all the magazines to follow the same style while publishing news about the making of the film in future.

The media persons, though, have reportedly told the director that doing so would be tantamount to ‘writing’ improper and ‘imperfect’ Tamil and as such, they won’t be doing so. This made Ravikumar think twice about his strategy but has reportedly been ‘strongly advised’ by his astrologers not to change the style of ‘writing the title’.

Ravikumar has accordingly instructed the designer to use the spelling he desires for the introductory advertisement of the film, which would soon be out in newspapers. He is also said to be involved in talks with his associates whether or not to join the tag of ‘The Tamil Warrior’ along with the title of the film.

Meanwhile, comedian Pandu, who is close to Rajinikanth, is likely to play a significant role in the film, thanks to Rajini’s gesture.



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