Rajinis Rana budget to cross 100 crore

Rajini rana 100 crore budget

Even as superstar Rajinikanth is under complete rest, he is said to be meeting K.S. Ravikumar on a daily basis to spruce up the script and dialogues of his upcoming film Rana. Sources close to Rajini and Ravikumar say that the duo has been into some ‘serious’ discussion about the screenplay and the dialogues, cast, etc.

It was already reported that Rajini plays three roles in the film. Contrary to what was decided earlier, it now turns out that Rajini might have only two heroines and not three. While Bollywood’s Deepika Padukone has already been signed up, it appears that Telugu hottie Ileana might soon be part of the film as the second heroine. The ‘third Rajini’ in the film won’t have any heroine, it is learnt.

There might be a change of the start of the schedule, it is further informed. Instead of starting the shooting schedule in the first week of October, Rajini might delay it further and commence it by end-October or early November. Dhanush, Rajini’s son-in-law, informed this to newspersons recently. Work is on to erect huge palace-looking sets at Chennai’s AVM studios and Hyderabad’s Ramojirao Film City for the film’s shooting.

As the film’s script is a period-type one, the sets are erected in a grand manner befitting a film of this kind. A.R. Rahman, who proclaimed some time back that he too was eagerly awaiting Rajini’s return to action, scores the music for the film. The film’s budget is tentatively planned at Rs.55 crores but is likely to cross Rs.100 crores by the time the film is wrapped up next year!



  1. CT

    Who the hell will producesped 100 crores on this fellow? Sun pictujres did bcos they looted from the state as DMK was in power. Also, distributors incurred losses in the so-called Robo film flop!

    Rana or Sultan will never be released and they would be two major flops if they are made!!! These are the warnings to Rajni and the shithead he is!

  2. bhakan

    poda panni  THIS FILM WONT BE HIT 4 u uh????
    in ur dreemz  enthiran ran 4 100days 
    and this will also run for 100 days

  3. Don

    de echalai thayoli….Read the collection of enthiran and speak….summa vai ku vanthatha pesurathu….pannada…..who the hell is in india to guarantee a return of >200Crores budget even if somebody invested????Thats Rajni for you……Open ur eyes and ears and know the fact….Sootha moodriya…..

  4. vasin

    DAI     CT




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