Rajinikanths Rana dropped

Rajinikanths Rana abandoned

Today Rajinikanth’s Endhiran completes a complete a rocking 1 year ( being released last October 1st) but the celebrations ought to be put on hold, as this piece of news will come as a wrecking shock to dear Rajiniacs. Sources report that Rajinikanth’s upcoming big flick Rana has been completely shelved for the future. The movie did have some major initial setbacks for Thalaivar and his devotees as the Superstar fell ill soon after kicking off the first shooting schedule (on 29th April 2011, the very same evening Rajini fell ill and spent two spells of hospital stay in Chennai before being flown to Singapore for further treatment on 28th May) with Bollywood hot-scorcher Deepika Padukone joining in for her golden Kollywood offering.

It was believed that Rajini would soon kick start his Rana schedule on October 3rd, as he has been making a strong recovery after going through his kidney treatment back in Singapore. The shooting was planned over 200 days, with Ravikumar and Rajini deciding to complete the movie in three full action packed schedules.

The two did meet to discuss on the project regularly and it was during the final meet lasting for about 2 hours and 15 minutes that the two decided to drop the project completely. The reason cited was the movie would take almost one and a half years to be shot and made ready, that is a lot of time and money, which cannot be invested presently considering Rajini’s present health conditions.

Now that his Rana is out of the awaited list fans can look out for Rajini’s other biggie – Sultan The Warrior, freshly titled Dheera. According to daughter Soundarya  95% of Dheera has been completed with the graphics work lying in the pending zone. She has promised the Dheera release for a January 2012 to the delight of the zillions awaiting the release. Interestingly after dropping Rana, director Ravikumar and Rajini have plans to commence another freshly scripted project this January for which the talks have already begun.

The official confirmation is awaited and a press meet is expected to announce the same.

Considering the fact that Rana proved to be a bad omen for Thalaivar and his fellow Rajiniacs with the former falling ill and hospitalized, it would be comforting for some to erase the doomed project out of their memories.



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